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Monday, October 31, 2011


Last night I played my new favorite night game ever!  It's called Hostage and you have to have at least 10 people to play and two cars so you can split into two groups of 5.  Then in those groups of 5 you split into 2 drivers, and 3 hostages.  Then the hostages switch cars and get blindfolded and driven around for 20 minutes then dropped off in a random location.  Then you get to call you're other teammates who drove the opposing hostages somewhere and whichever drivers find their teammates first wins.

Last night we had a huge group of people playing consisting of: My best friend Kenna, our roommates Kadi, and Madison, our friend Amber, two across the hall friends Julie and Danielle, my cast-mates Josh, Redge, and Elisa, and her friends Dory, Maribel, and Ashley.  It was SO fun!  I ended up getting abandoned by Madison, Amber, and Julie in the middle of nowhere!  I was with Josh, Elisa, and Maribel and we seriously had no idea where we were.  It was pitch black, we were on a dirt road, and couldn't see any landmarks except for a blinking tower off in the distance and what we figured were billboards on the side of what we assumed was the freeway.

When we got out of the car all we could see where fields for miles and the little dirt road we were on.  We decided to start walking in the direction Madison drove away and ended up walking for about forty-five minutes before we even came to a street lamp and soon enough we found a really ghetto neighborhood.  Unfortunately we still had no idea if we were in Cedar City or not (for all we knew we could've been teleported to Kansas!)  So we kept walking and found a water tower.  We all ran to it hoping that there would be a city name on it somewhere, but there wasn't.  We got all our hopes up for nothing.  By this time the other team had already won over half an hour ago.  We still were determined to finish though!  So we kept walking towards the billboards by the freeway.

Finally we got to a road that was parallel to the freeway.  So we wandered down the road looking for an exit sign or anything to tell us where we were.  Then we found exit 51 to Kanarraville.  WE KNEW WHERE WE WERE!  So we called our group ecstatically and they came and found us.

It was such a fun game!  And we really wanted to do a round two, but unfortunately everyone in my group has auditions today so we all wanted to get a good night's rest.  So we called it quits and then me and Kenna watched The Walking Dead.  And then I went to sleep around 11:15.

Now it is currently the first audition day to my very exciting and full week, and I am extremely scared!  I feel good about my song and my monologue but I can't help but still be nervous about the audition.  Wish me luck!

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