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Friday, October 7, 2011

High School Shakespeare Competition

So just as an update from the last two posts, the Derby Darling Pageant has been canceled due to some inter-Greek issues.  Apparently the Alpha Phi's were hazing the Sigma Chi pledges, and all the Greeks here have a very strict "no hazing" policy.  So at the moment all the Greek organizations are being questioned and to my immense disappointment the Alpha Phi's are trying to put all the blame on the Sigma Chi's and being the gentleman that they are, they're just letting it happen.  So at the moment the Sigma Chi's have been put on suspension by the school just till they figure out this whole mess.

So on to not much happy things, this weekend is the High School Shakespeare Competition.  Which means that my campus has been taken over by very excited kids from over 100 High Schools.  It's crazy here!  And to my dismay because I am a Theatre Major I have to put in 3 hours of work for the competition.  I've already done my 3 hours today.  I timed the Ten Minute Group Scenes from noon to three, but tonight I have to go back at 5:25 to be a runner.  Apparently since I've been so reliable in the past they keep asking me if I'll help out with other things even though I've put in my hours already.  When a girl didn't show up at 4 Kelly called me and asked if I could go time for her, I went but the girl was there she just didn't know she was supposed to check in.  Then I came back to my apartment but I got a text from Kelly asking if I would come back.  So I started heading back when I got another phone call from Kelly saying that the person showed up so I didn't need to come anymore, but that they would need help at 5:30.

So as you can probably tell my day has been crazy busy!  And I don't think it's going to get any better!

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