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Sunday, December 25, 2011


Haven't posted in a long while now.  News since I last posted: Finals are over (I PASSED! and with good grades too), I'm home in K-town with my family, and it's Christmas!

Today I was woken up too early by my very enthusiastic brother.  I'm not sure if he was more excited about Christmas or getting to disturb my sleep, but either was he had a mischievous smile glowing on his face when he turned on my light this morning.  I had the best Christmas ever!  Last night I was able to eat dinner with my family along with my Grandparents on my mothers side.  It was delicious!  It was also our first Christmas eve dinner that I can remember not eating Melanese (which is an Argentine dish that is good, but also not my favorite), and we also didn't have empanadas either (which I love!)  But that was totally fine with me because we had a delicious Turkey dinner with rolls, green bean casserole (which is my absolute favorite side dish in the whole universe), mashed potatoes, ham, stuffing, green salad, and jello.  I was also just ecstatically happy that I was home and not at school!  I miss my family so much while I'm away!

That night we opened  our traditional Christmas Eve gifts.  We always get pajama's to wear that night and to open presents in the morning.  I got a really cute pair of pajama pants that are red with candy canes arranged in little hearts all over them.  Then we also got to open our gifts from our Grandma and Grandpa since they wouldn't be with us the next morning.  I was completely shocked at what I got from them.  From my Grandpa I got a $1,000 check for college! (which in my opinion is way too much money to be given to me and also should have been my one and only Christmas present from them)  But then I also got a $50 gift card to Target, a book titled Your Happily Ever After by Dieter F. Uchtdorf, and this amazing contraption called a Cozy-Up.  And that last present is slowly becoming my favorite thing on the entire planet!  It's basically a Snuggy that has been amped up about 5000 watts.  It has zippers and buttons, which took me a while to figure out where everything connected, but it's a blanket that you can zip around you and then button yourself into arm holes and zip into a neck hole.  They're so comfortable!

So that was the start of my Christmas on steroids.  Then this morning I got to open all my other presents.  From Santa I got moccasins, an Aida songbook, The Lion King dvd, Megamind dvd, Just Dance 3, and a book titled Sarah's Key by Titiana de Rosnay (I guess I can start removing books from my book wish list.)  I also got an assortment of things in my stocking including deodorant, toothbrushes, razors, floss, a day planner, mittens, and an assortment of candy (with my favorite hortbread cookies thrown in there as well.)  Then from my brother Taylor I got Princess Academy by Shannon Hale, and from Sarah I got a scarf with some ear-muffs, and from Anna I got The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes.  But the best present of all came very last.  We didn't even realize that there were two envelopes left on the tree at the end of opening presents till our parents pointed it out.  One for Taylor and one for myself.  Taylor got a ticket to a Jazz game against the Kings which he is way excited for because he'll get to see Jimmer play.  Then I opened up my envelope and there was a ticket inside for The Lion King in Vegas this Wednesday!  I'm so excited for it!

This Christmas totally beat out every other Christmas I've ever had!  I got so many things I wanted, and a lot of things I'm happy to have even if I didn't specifically ask for them.  It seriously was a Christmas on steroids!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Sorry for not posting in a while.  It's getting closer and closer to finals week and I'm stressing out, and busy studying, and writing final papers.  Basically everything in school is just chaotic at the moment.

But anyway I just thought I should update, even though nothing exciting has happened to me... like at all.  Except I did just throw a scooter out of a window in my dorm room, which was sort of exciting because we live on the 3rd floor.

Since finals have been stressing me out today I decided to look at demotivational posters because for some reason they always cheer me up.  And I found this one:

I think it's GREAT!

And sadly that's it for this post.  I need to get back to studying for my Theatre History final that I'm taking tomorrow.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Turkey Day Break

My whole extended family (on my Dad's side) went to California over Thanksgiving break to celebrate with each other at my Aunt Susan and Uncle Glen's house.  It was a blast!  At one point we fit at least 39 people in the house to eat Thanksgiving dinner together.

My parents came and picked me up in Cedar City on their way to California Wednesday morning.  We got their around 4-ish and hung out with cousins the rest of the night.  We had taco salad to eat that night.  It seems like we ALWAYS eat taco salad when the Dayton's get together, it's sort of become a tradition now.  We ended up playing Dance Central on Kinect for the X-Box that night.  Even my Grandma and Grandpa joined in and dance battled each other!  I think that was probably the best thing I've ever seen... and here it is!

Thanksgiving day was really awesome too!  Before we stuffed our faces with Turkey and other delicious food, we had our own family Turkey Bowl.  It was a blast!  Even though my team hardly ever passed to me (my cousins have stopped thinking I'm cool ever since Taylor grew up and decided for himself that I was uncool, but it's okay because at least I have my younger cousins Blake and Syd.)  I did get passed to once though, and I even scored a touchdown!  We ended up tying our game, which in my opinion is worse than loosing, but all our dads got tired and the younger kids wanted to play.  So we switched up the teams and did a couple plays with the little cousins, which was super fun too!

Then we ate Thanksgiving dinner/lunch.  It was delicious!  Thanks to all my aunts and my mom and anyone else who helped out with the cooking!

I feel like I ended up loosing all the Thanksgiving weight I put on that night when we played Dance Central again, and even ended up doing a 20 minute wii Zumba workout with my mom, Hayley, and the younger cousins .  I had a ton of fun doing it though!  Amazingly Syd even joined in towards the end.

Friday was the best day of the trip though!  We went to Six Flags Magic Mountain!  I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS!  I love the adrenalin rush of amusement parks!  The best part about Magic Mountain was that I wasn't let down by any of the coasters I went on.  Usually when I go to amusement parks I get let down by at least one ride I go on, but I seriously loved EVERYTHING! I rode Superman, Goliath, Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, The Riddlers Revenge, Batman, Tatsu, and X2.  They were all fantastic!  I even got to ride Superman twice in a row because Blake, Syd, and I were the very last people in line.  It was fantastic!

Saturday was fun as well!  We went to the beach and I ended up watching a skateboarding competition, which was pretty legit!  I got to watch kids as young as 7 do some super sick tricks on a skateboard.  It was extremely entertaining, and made me want to learn how to do skateboarding tricks!  Plus, I got a tan from standing around watching, which rocks!

Then Sunday we woke up at 4 in the morning to drive home.  And now I'm back at school, stressed about finals, and just wishing I was back in Sunny California!