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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Aquiline Features

Today in Theatre History we were talking about Shakespeare's play As You Like It.  We got on the subject of casting this show and talking about Phebe (who's supposed to be a beautiful shepherdess.)  And Christine was saying how her facial features would have to contrast Rosalinds'.  So she looked around the class and then said "Amanda stand up so the class can see your face."  So I did.

Then Christine explained that I had aquiline features that would be good for Rosalind and her own more rounder facial features would work best to contrast mine for Phebe.  She then went on to explain how my eyebrow's, nose, and mouth all looked small and delicate and stuff like that.  It was flattering, but also extremely embarrassing.  She was sitting there praising my face and in my head I was thinking "DON'T LOOK AT MY CLOTHES!"

Today was I was wearing my lazy/need-to-do-laundry outfit.  Which consists of my orange scrubs, my brown moccasin boots, my painted Llama's with Hat's shirt, a red flannel scarf, and my hobo jacket that I found at the D.I.  I also had my hair back in a braid with a ton of fly-aways sticking up (as always) so I definitely did not look very good today.  But either way I still had aquiline features that Christine needed to show the class.

So I had no idea what aquiline meant, from how she explained it I just thought it meant thin and delicate or something.  So I looked up the definition:
Aquiline (adj.)
1. (of the nose) shaped like an eagle's beak; hooked
2. of or resembling an eagle

That is not what I expected the definition to be.  I became less flattered at this point.

I don't have a hooked nose!  Do I?

I don't!  I may have a large nose (it's not even that large! it's just long and not proportional to the rest of my face) but it's not hooked!

Anyway, then I went and typed in aquiline features on google and clicked on pictures.  And I found this picture
And it made me feel a lot better.  Even though she has a long and somewhat large nose, she's still really pretty!  So HA!  Take that stupid aquiline nose!

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