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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Third Witch

I just finished reading a book for my Writing About Shakespeare English class.  It's called The Third Witch by Rebecca Reisert.
It was such a good book!  I didn't expect to like it, since I hardly ever like the books I'm forced to read for classes, but this slowly became one of my new favorite books.  The book is a adaptation on Shakespeare's Macbeth.  It's about a girl named Gilly, who has a dark past with Lord Macbeth, whom she only refers to as Him in her mind.

Gilly goes through a lot in this book as it follows her on a path of revenge.  On this path she experiences everything from disguising herself as a boy to climbing through a latrine shaft.  She is a very powerful character with powerful motives that get her, as well as the people who are close to her, into a lot of trouble.  She goes through emotions from pure hatred and fear all the way to heart ache and sorrow.

I loved watching the parallels that were drawn to Macbeth and the cool twist that the writer made on the witches.  Throughout the book I could always tell that Macbeth had done something terrible to Gilly's family, I figured he had murdered her parents.  The truth, however, was not expected which made me love the book even more.  All the twist and parallels that were drawn between this book and Shakespeare's Macbeth is what made it a very good read.  I loved it and highly recommend it to anyone who has read, seen, or at least understands the plot line of Macbeth.

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