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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Coolest Friends Ever!

This post is a little late, but better late then never, right?

Basically I have the two coolest best friends in the universe!  We have a tradition that every weekend we go to Wendy's to "eat out" (it's fine dining for us so we've decided to dress up every time we go.)  Anyway Friday night there was an institute dance with a costume theme and we decided we wanted to go and then we'd go to Wendy's later that night in our costumes.  So we ended up making awesome cardboard outfits!  We thought we looked pretty cool in our outfits!

 We ended up combining out three costumes to make a SUPER cardboard costume!  We used my helmet, McKenna's warrior skirt, and Ethan's chest piece.  And this is what we got: THE ULTIMATE SUIT!

So we all went to the dance in our respective costumes and had a blast!  We partied it up with the girls across the hall and a couple other people on our floor, and then we made our appearance at Wendy's.  When we got there all the workers came up to the front to get a look at our costumes.  They all thought we were pretty cool.  

And that is my story about how I have the coolest friends in the universe!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


American College Theatre Festival:
A HUGE deal for college Theatre Majors!

Basically ACTF has the potential to determine the rest of your life.  You audition for people who can help you get into Grad School, or get you into Summer Stock, or even get you a full time career in Musical Theatre! And I happen to be going to this festival!

I'm going in a directing scene with a kid named Trent Dahlin, and he is a very attractive kid, and we most definitely kiss in our scene!  Today we had a rehearsal and probably kissed about twelve times before the rehearsal was over.  I honestly didn't think much of it.  It's way fun to kiss people, but it's only a stage kiss so it doesn't mean anything.

BUT tonight I had a voice lesson and the kid who was being taught before me told me something that simply brightened up my entire week!  Our voice teacher introduced us and then he said he actually recognized me from seeing me in 24 Hour Theatre with Trent.  Then he mentioned that he and Trent were really good friends.  So being the miss friendly that I am I said, "Oh yeah!  Trent's a great guy!  I actually had rehearsal with him today for ACTF."  Which is when he said the thing that just put a huge smile on my face; "Oh!  So you're the beautiful girl he gets to kiss."

BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!! It's always a great day when someone calls you beautiful, but even better when they say it to someone else and it manages to make its way back to you, because that's when you know that it's genuine!  So basically today rocked, not because I got to kiss an extremely attractive guy (which of course was extremely awesome because seriously who wouldn't enjoy that?) but because I was called beautiful!


I have completely failed at this drawing challenge.  My life is just way too busy to be doodling, and when I do have the free time I just really don't want to do it.

Anyway... that was my failed attempt at being an artist (in the actual drawing artist sense, I'm still an artist in the Theatre and Singing way!)

And that is all I have to say in this post.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Awkward Date

This last Sunday Kenna and I taught a short lesson on dating to the priesthood.  I had been asked to teach this lesson last semester by the bishopric but never got around to it, so they had us teach it at the beginning of this semester.  It was absolutely terrifying!  We did manage to get through it though, I even got a lot of laughs from the guys which made me feel a ton better.  Anyway, that night I was sitting at home watching The Sasquatch Gang, a movie that Ethan recommended (and was totally awesome!), with McKenna when I got a text message from a guy named Wes.  He asked me what I was doing this week and then asked if I wanted to go on a date Monday night.

I had never even met this kid, but he was in my ward so I accepted (even though I was a little put off by the fact that he asked me through text instead of asking me in person or at least calling.)  Our plan was to meet up at FHE to play volleyball and then go out for ice cream afterwards.  So that's what we did, and the first hour that we were at the church playing volleyball I felt terrible!  I had absolutely nothing to say to this kid, I didn't know anything about him, and he wasn't making any effort to talk to me either.  So I just threw myself into the game instead.  When FHE was over he asked me if Dairy Queen was a good place to go.  Obviously I had no objections to any kind of ice cream so I said it was just fine.

Luckily we made some good conversation in the car and at Dairy Queen.  We got to know each other more and we talked a lot about school.  He even asked if we could go on a walk when we finished our ice cream, of course being the nice person I am I said of course instead of the "No, I have a HUGE load of homework I need to get done." (which I honestly did have! I ended up staying up till 1:00 am doing an Aural skills assignment)  So we went for a walk across campus and eventually wandered back to my building where we said goodbye and he asked what his chances were for a second date.

That's where I stumbled, it's not that I don't like Wes, it's just that I would never seriously date him.  He could potentially be a great friend, I just don't think I could ever like him in that way.  I still said yes to the second date though!  I would never be so rude as to say no, but now I feel guilty like I'm leading him on or something.  I'm not entirely sure what to do.  Our second date won't even be till sometime next month because I told him I was way busy with ACTF (which is completely true!  I've got rehearsals almost every night!) so we decided we'd just see each other in church and figure something out then.

So that was my awesome awkward date!  I really hope that I don't eventually have to tell Wes that I don't want anything serious with him.  I guess we'll just see what happens...

Friday, January 20, 2012

#3 Your Favorite Food

So I'm finally back on my 30 day drawing challenge (also I guarantee this drawing challenge isn't going to be consistent at all, but I will finish it all eventually!)  The next challenge was to draw your favorite food, and I don't necessarily have a favorite food, so I instead decided I would draw my favorite dessert, which is obviously pie!  Because, seriously who doesn't like pie?!  All kinds of pie are delicious!  Apple, Banana Cream, Coconut Cream, Chocolate Mousse, Key Lime, Lemon Meringue, Peach, Strawberry!  They all are just SO delicious!  So anyway I drew a pie... except it's more like doodled a pie
This is my doodle of a pie.  Yummy, right?

Anyway, I haven't really talked about what's going on in my life in a long while.

So to update: I am now single (and I have been for about a month and a half now), I have two wonderfully awesome friends that I spend all my time with (McKenna and Ethan are the coolest people I know), and I have been asked to go to ACTF (which is the American College Theatre Festival, and is a HUGE deal for college Theatre students!)

So basically that's my life.  Being single is weird, and I'm not used to it since I haven't been this utterly single since my first year of High School.  It totally rocks to be able to flirt with whoever I want without feeling guilty though!  Gratten was the one who broke it off, which made me sad, but I'm over it now.  We're still going to be friends though, which makes me extremely happy since he's such a great guy and I would hate to ever lose him completely.  He broke up with me because he didn't want me or my parents to have to worry about the religion differences anymore.  Which is actually a really sweet reason to break up with someone which is why it's taken me so long to get over it, and finally be able to post about it.  And moving on...

...Me and my two best friends really are the coolest people in the world.  We just don't care what anyone thinks of us so we can be as awkward and weird as we want without feeling self conscious.  In only the two weeks of school we've been back in Cedar we've made a pilot episode of a show called Suu (which is a really awkward show and is pronounced Sue, as in the girls name) that we're planning on continuing, we made a very awkward lip singing video to an ABBA song, we've saved a gnome from an "evil organization" (we found a gnome behind a chair in a random building and then ran across campus with it pretending to shoot the approaching enemy that was pursuing us), we've gone stealthing (which is where you dress as dark as you can and then sneak around campus like a ninja trying to not be seen by anyone), and have made many plans of continuing our total and complete awesomeness just as we have been doing already!

And that is about it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lost In A Cave

The reason I have not been doing my drawing challenges and posting them was because I was involved with 24 Hour Theatre over this long weekend.  I absolutely love 24 Hour Theatre, and I really wish we did it more than just once a semester!  This time my director was Adan, and my writer was Keilani.  I got three really good people in my group!  I had Trent Dahlin, Nate Allred, and this girl named Amria who I had never met, but still rocked her part!

Our plot was that Trent, Nate, and I were three really good friends from High School and we've all been best friends through college.  We'd all just recently graduated and decided to go to Russia to celebrate our graduation, but unfortunately Trent's character brings along his dumb girlfriend.  We all end up going Spelunking (Which is just another name for caving) and get stuck in a cave because Trent brings the wrong map.  In truth we're not actually stuck though, we're just too self absorbed to notice we could just simply crawl back out the way we came in.  The plot line was awesome, and I loved the experience.  My character was really cool as well!  I was extremely buck (that's honestly the only word I can think of to define the way my character acted.)  Unfortunately, I had to swear more than I would have liked, but it wasn't horrible.  Someone actually recorded the performance and put it on youtube

It's not the greatest quality, and some of the lines are too muffled to hear, but it still shows the basic gist of the show.  I loved working with this cast!  It was a blast!

Friday, January 13, 2012

#2 Your Favorite Animal

Oddly enough my favorite animal is an Ostrich.  I cannot tell you why, because I'm not entirely sure myself.  I just think they are very cool and funny looking.  I also like fox's, but an ostrich is my favorite so that is what I drew for my second day of this Drawing Challenge.

I also got on a drawing high from drawing myself as Link yesterday and I ended up decided I wanted to draw something else.  So I looked through my saved pictures on my desktop and ended up finding an awesome picture I had found of Zuko (from Avatar the Last Airbender) that I had wanted to give Kenna to paint me a shirt from.  So I decided I would try and draw him, and this was my completed work.

Not to toot my own horn or anything but I personally think it's really good!  So those are my drawings!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

#1 Yourself

The first thing you are supposed to draw in this 30 day challenge is yourself.  I didn't want to actually try and draw myself realistically because that sounded way to hard!  So I decided I would cartoonize myself.  So I thought of the many different ways I could turn myself into a cartoon drawing, and then I had a brilliant idea!  I would draw myself as a Zelda character!  Obviously I had to go with Link's character since I have the perfect hair for him.  So this is my finished product...

Challenge #1 Completed!

Stumble Upon

There is a magnificent website called stumbleupon.com where young college kids, such as myself, go when they have nothing to do.  This website lets you browse your different interests with a click of a button.  It's a magical place full of url's to take you to different websites that will kill your boredom.  It is this kind of awesomeness that keeps American Teenagers alive instead of dying from lack of interest in school.

In all honesty I hardly ever go onto stumbleupon.com but I thought that would be a good introductory paragraph.  I did however browse it for about a minute yesterday and I found something that sounded fun to do.

A 30 Day Drawing Challenge!

Now I'm definitely no artist, but that's the reason it peaked my interest.  I have decided to conquer this challenge and see if my art becomes a masterpiece through practice, or if it still looks like a 3rd graders art project by the time I'm finished.

In the words of Barney Stinson, "Challenge accepted!"

Monday, January 9, 2012

Best Friend... and Hopefully Soon To Be Best Friend

Last night was my first night back in Cedar City.  It was so great to come back!  I've missed being in a learning environment and being here with my best friend McKenna.  But I was sad that I had to leave home.  I love being home with my family!

Anyway last night Kenna and I hung out with Ethan (who we have decided needs to become the new addition to our best friend circle) and we just sat around in our room and talked.  He was hilarious!  Almost everything that came out of his mouth made me laugh, and everything else that didn't make me laugh was epic and awesome!  He's a huge nerd, which makes him a perfect candidate for our new best friend, but he is extremely cool at the same time!  Plus he wears really awesome shirts!

He shall be our new best friend!!  And that's pretty much all I have to say on the matter.