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Thursday, September 29, 2011

SUU Live

I got into SUU Live!  I ended up singing a completely different song than I thought I was going to though.  It's called Blame It On The Rain by He Is We, this is the piano acoustic version of the song that I use.
I'm so excited for tonight!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today I am going to audition for SUU Live, which is the new Vaudeville here at school.  It's basically a talent show of sorts that is completely Theatre student run.  The performances are every other Thursday nights and they always have auditions the Wednesday before at 5 p.m.

So I decided I would audition since I already have a bunch of piano songs already in my back pocket.  I could sing Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy:
Or Samson by Regina Spektor:
Or Christina Grimmie's version of E.T. by Katy Perry:
And I've also recently learned a new song called Hey, Listen.  It's a very nerdy song about Zelda characters.  Navi (the fairy who is always saying Hey, Listen in the game) is singing to Link about how much she loves him.
I don't do the song like the way it is in this video much, but the lyrics are the same.  I made the chords more depressing and dark instead and don't do the weird voice things she does.  I love the song though!  I think it's way funny!

I know a lot more songs, but these are the few I'm trying to decide between.
I'll blog about how it goes later tonight.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Confidence is a rare quality that is sometimes intertwined with self-esteem.
This would be my favorite self-esteem quote: "I've got self-esteem falling out of my butt!"- Abed Nadir from Community.
Clearly Abed has a lot of self-esteem!

Anyway my post today is on confidence, as in I am 99.9% confident that I completely killed my Theatre History quiz today!  It was a matching quiz and I knew everything on it.  There were only two questions that I might have mixed up because they were so similar, but I'm almost possitive that I chose the right answers.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Alone

This past weekend 3 of my suite-mates went home; Kenna, Madison, and Rachel.  Which left myself, Kadi, and Ju-Hee to the apartment.  But Ju-Hee is NEVER here so technically it just left me and Kadi to the apartment... So what marvelous things did I do this weekend you might be asking yourself?
Well... I went to rehearsals... and played Zelda... and ate food.
I know sad and boring...
... oh wait! I think I might have showered like once during the weekend too, so there's another thing I did.

Ok now seriously what did I do this weekend?
On Friday I alternated between playing Zelda, eating, and watching TV from the time I got out of classes at noon and my rehearsal at six.  Then I think I hung out with Gratten at the Sig house for a bit, but then some of the guys got out their hooka (huka? however you spell it...) so we left and went back to my place.  Then we watched The Little Rascals with Kadi, but I ended up just going to bed because I was so tired while they finished the movie.

Saturday morning I had rehearsal at ten and then we got a lunch break at noon.  I was just going to go back to my room to make a sandwich but Josh Durfy (a fellow cast member) asked if I wanted to go to the cafeteria with him so he swiped his T-Card for me and I ate there.  So I've been talking a lot about how I miss the cafeteria... then I ate the food again.  Now I know I just miss the quality social time I got with my friends in the cafe last year.
After lunch we had rehearsal till four.  I didn't have anything to do after rehearsal because Gratten was on a hike with Mike and Zac so I just went back to my dorm and talked with Kadi for a bit.  Then she left to go hang out down the hall with another room and I played Zelda for about three hours because there was seriously nothing else to do (I can't wait till I have all my books down here again!)
Finally Gratten, Mike, and Zac got home so I went to the Sig house and we sat around and talked and eventually watched Nightmare Before Christmas.  I love that movie, Tim Burton is just a genius!

Sunday I did the usual Sunday things.  And that night my best friend Kenna FINALLY got back and we watched Thor at the Sig house.

So my weekend clearly consisted of lots of movies, Zelda, and rehearsal.  So I'm actually quite glad to be back into the school mode to actually do something with my life that's not repetitive.  Speaking of school, I have a test tomorrow so I should be getting to sleep.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Parents Girl

So today I had a conversation with Willa and we randomly got on the subject of parents and she asked me if I was a Daddy's Girl or a Momma's Girl.  And I wasn't sure.  So I have come up with the conclusion that I am a Parents Girl!  I love my parents and I love doing different things with each of them, so how could I ever say I'm a Momma's Girl over a Daddy's Girl or visa-verse?

I really miss my family right now!  I just talked with my mother on the phone and it just made me miss home even more.  I want to go home over Conference weekend, but I have to wait and find out what we're doing for those rehearsals in I Love You before I can decide whether I can go home or not.  I really hope I can afford to miss those two rehearsals!

This is just going to be a short post for today, because I really desperately need to get some sleep!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zelda Exposed

I sadly keep "forgetting" to post.
And what I actually mean by that is I'm really busy with "rehearsals."
And what I actually really truly mean is that I'm actually just really busy being a total geek and playing Zelda on my laptop every second of my free time.

So as I am known for unhealthy obsessions (like Michael Gallacher for all 3 years of my Junior High life and my first year of High School, and a fairly new obsession for frozen cherry-limeade right after dance classes) I'm not doing anything to try and get rid of my obsession for Zelda.  I am currently in the process of playing Ocarina of Time, and I've decided that it's probably the best video game that has ever been invented!  It's not just mindless violent action like Halo, Call of Duty, or in my boyfriends case Gears of War III (bless his little heart) but you actually have to be creative and smart to play Zelda.  Nothing in that game is ever handed to you on a platter.  You have to figure things out yourself, and try some of the most random things to get past different parts in the game.

So me being obsessed right now means that this picture is most definitely the wallpaper for my laptop at the moment:
Which I absolutely love because I'm the only one who ever sees this and witnesses exactly how nerdy I am.
Until today that is...

Today in Theatre History I had to give a presentation on the similarities and differences of Satyr plays and Old Comedy.  I pulled up the slide-show I had made, and plugged my laptop into the projector cord and I gave my presentation.  Then when it was over I hit the exit button to get out of power point and had completely forgotten that I was still plugged into the projector and that an epic picture of Link was my background.  So everyone saw this picture displayed on a huge projector screen screaming out the fact that I am indeed a complete nerd.

It actually wasn't that bad though, lots of people laughed yes but one guy said "I love your background!"  Yes that last one could've been sarcastic, and the laughing could've been laughing at me.  But I choose to see it that the people who were laughing were also Zelda nerds and they were laughing because they were so relieved to see another hopeless fan, and I don't think the guy who spoke out meant it sarcastically at all.  So I am now an out of the closet Zelda nerd!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stupid Decisions

No, I'm not the one who made a stupid decision.  But I'm so angry with my suit-mate who for privacy shall be called Idiot!  So I feel like I need to vent blog-style.

Last night in the middle of the night Idiot came home from partying.  She came in extremely loud and woke me up, then proceeded to stop around the apartment.  She then came right up to where we were sleeping in the living room and woke us up to tell us exactly how mad she was.

She then told us this story:
She had been partying and drinking with used-to-be-Mormon and Flake (both of whom were my friends last year but have drifted away from us.)  They got pulled over while coming home, they were in her car, but she wasn't driving, used-to-be-Mormon was and he was also drunk.
- So here I am, absolutely exhausted and wishing I was still asleep, and now I'm completely pissed at Idiot.  First off she's underage and shouldn't be drinking anyway, and then she let used-to-be-Mormon drive while he was drunk.  She should have called me!  Yes, I would've been EXTREMELY angry, but it would still be so much better than having someone else who's drunk drive her car.

Then she told us the cop had no reason to pull them over and said he claimed that she had a tail light out.  Then he made them all take a breathalyzer test and gave them each a ticket.
- so what is going on in my head right now? "SERVES YOU RIGHT YOU RETARDED IDIOT!"

Then she told us that the cop made them call someone to come drive them home.  She called Mr. Jerk Wad, who is the boy she wants to date and can't realize that all he's been doing for the past year is lead her on and not care about her at all.  He uses her as a make-out buddy, and no matter how many times Rachel, Kenna, or I tell her that she refuses to listen.  Then they argue, and she cries herself to sleep, and then the next week it starts over.
- so as you can probably tell I don't really like Mr. Jerk Wad.  I actually don't mind him as a friend, but I hate how he acts with girls!  Now in my head I'm thinking "you are a complete moron."

Idiot then got teary eyed and said she was more upset about the look that Mr. Jerk Wad gave her instead of the $500 ticket she got!
- Now this is where I get very upset.  She got a $500 ticket for underage drinking, her parents are going to be furious, and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if her dad takes away her car and pulls her out of college.  This is going to go on her government record, she's going to have to put this on her job applications, her insurance is going to go up dramatically, and this will probably affect her for a very long time.  And she doesn't even care about any of that, she's more upset about the look some stupid boy gave her when he came and picked her up!!

Then Idiot said sorry for waking us up, and thank you for letting her vent.
-So what I want to say to her right now is how stupid I think she is and how she deserves what she got AND that she really needs to get over this jerk wad of a boy!  But what do I say instead?
"No problem!  I'm really sorry for what happened, that really sucks!"

So anyway since I had been so supportive last night I needed to express my true feelings in this post and now I feel much better.

Wonderous Weekend

This weekend was pretty great!  It started out with me going to rehearsal for I Love You.  Elisa was at work so I actually got to sing during rehearsal.  Jerry, the musical director, said I did really good and I actually knew the part so it was awesome!  When I got out of rehearsal I was walking back to Eccles with Josh and suddenly a ton of fireworks went off.  It startled me so much that I yipped a little bit.  There was a big concert thing going on for Homecoming weekend so I dropped off my bag and went to meet Kenna and Gratten by the Aadams Theatre where it was at.

The concert wasn't too great and I ended up going to the Auditorium and I just sat and played the piano and sung in the Tap Studio.  It was pretty great.  Kenna and Gratten came and found me and we ended up deciding to walk to the Sig house to hang out.  On our way back it started pouring.  It wasn't even like a light drizzle or anything.  Just a sudden deluge of water!  We got soaked, so when we got back to the Sig house Gratten gave me and Kenna some basketball shorts and two matching Sigma Chi t-shirts.  The best thing about the t-shirts he gave us to wear is that they are the shirts me and Kenna make fun of the most.  The back says Having Fun since 1855, but the font they used made the v look more like a b.  So every time we see them we joke about Habing fun.

Friday night was a blast.  We got hungry and went to Walmart where we bought Pizza, Potato skins with cheese and bacon, and some pop.  We also found three awesome movies in the $5 bin and each bought one.  Gratten got Corpse Bride, Kenna got The Little Rascals, and I got Robots.  When we got back to the Sig house all the guys were having a conniption over cleaning for their luncheon the next day.  Gratten ended up washing all of their absolutely disgusting dishes while me and Kenna cooked the pizza.  I'm so glad I don't live with gross men, they're such slobs!  After they all finished cleaning we watched Corpse Bride.  We didn't even start it till 2 a.m. so we stayed up till about 4 in the morning.  Therefore it was pretty much a great night!

Saturday morning was awesome too.  Me and Kenna were too lazy to really do anything and we just ended up sitting around in Gratten's same clothes from the night before playing Zelda on our laptops and writing our bucket lists.  It was pretty much the best morning I've had since coming back to college this year!

That afternoon we ended up going to the tailgate party before the game so we could help Dave Weldon (one of Gratten's Sig brothers) paint his face. 
This was our finished product (and yes those are Gratten's matching shirts and shorts that we are still wearing... I honestly think we might have worn them for a whole 24 hours since we slept in them too.)  After we finished painting Dave's face we ended up painting another kids face (who's name I don't know,) and then we painted the back of Charley's head. 

Eventually a bunch of little kids came up with their dad and he asked if we would be willing to paint their faces.  So we spent about an hour just painting random people's faces for the football game that neither me or McKenna were actually attending.  The kids were so cute and it was way fun!  After that we had to go back to our apartment to wash off our arms because we had used them as pallets for the paint.  The red paint stained our skin, so while we were washing off our arms we were just laughing at how funny it's going to look for the peoples faces we had painted.  The inside of my arm looks almost like I was attacked and got grabbed really hard because of the random red stains.

Then Kenna and I took a trip to DI because we wanted to find some hipster clothes.  We ended up finding the two best dresses ever!  Kenna's was more like a grandma moo-moo but with a belt it looked so great!  My dress is forest green flower print and only $3, what a find!

When we got back home I finally showered, and then we played Zelda till Amber called us to have a sleepover.  When Amber came over we decided we wanted to go to Krave (which is the equivalent of YogoTogo.)  After the Krave we saw that the cupcake shop next to it was finally open.  We went to peek in the window just to see what it looked like and the manager ended up having us come inside to try a sample. 
Now the word sample here gives me pause.  My first thought is a cupcake cut into fourths or something.
No we were given WHOLE cupcakes.  All three of us got a free WHOLE cupcake!  How cool is that?!?!

Anyway the cupcakes were delicious but so sweet that after eating half we felt as if we couldn't finish it.  After the cupcakes we went back to out apartment and got a call from Nicky asking if we wanted to walk to Maverick with him.  So we walked to Maverick wrapped in blankets and in mine and Kenna's case our huge poofy comforters.  It was way fun and we all looked like the biggest group of goobs ever!

After that Amer, Kenna and I went to sleep.  We were all so tired! 

This morning we all got ready for church together (me and Kenna wore our dresses from DI) and we walked to church with our roommate Kadi.  And so far that has been my weekend.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Future Children

No, I'm not planning on having children anytime soon!  Just clarifying mother, so you don't have to worry!  That's why it says future, as in the very far future.

Anyway for the longest time I've wanted to name my daughter Turtle.  I know it's a weird name, but it's from one of my favorite books, plus I really do think it's an adorable name for a little girl.  I've sadly learned recently that not many people think that Turtle is a good name for a baby, so I've decided that I'm going to have Zac Thunder-Child Palmer (who is Native American) be my sperm donor.  Then I can name my daughter Turtle and no one would be able to tell me it's a bad name, because that would be a hate crime.

I also think another adorable girls name would be Zelda.  Luckily there would be no sperm donor complications with that name.  Plus what guy doesn't like video games?  She would be the most popular girl with that name!  I'm sure that my daughter would love this name, maybe not in Junior High, but I'm sure if she's anything like me then she would be so grateful to have such a cool name.

Those are the two girl names I would want, and if I had a boy I would name him Marius or Gavroche... I can't choose between the two.  Probably Marius though.  For those of you who are terrible people and don't know where I got these two names they are characters in Les Mis.

I've also thought about naming a boy Ash, from Pokemon.
Maybe even Aang or Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender.
I also like Toph, Mai, or Azula as girl names also from Avatar.
Yes, all of these names are weird, and nerdy.  But I love them!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Blunders, Butts, Bruises, and Books

Today was a fun and strange day.
It started off with me waking up at 6:30 this morning to my alarm, then I hit the dismiss button and set another alarm for 7:30 because I was tired and decided I could just shower after my Aural Skills class.  Then I woke up at 7:30 when my other alarm went off and I actually got out of bed and threw on some clothes, put my hair up, and headed off to the Music Building.  My class had our first quiz in Aural skills this morning... I felt like I did really well on the written portion... Then I did my sight reading.  He told me I got a 90 on it, so I guess I didn't actually do very bad at all but I made a really stupid mistake.  Which made me really mad at myself.  I was supposed to sing do, mi, fa, sol, la, sol, do, mi, do, but instead I sang, do, mi, fa, sol, la, sol, do, re, do.  I said mi but sang re!  Yes, I understand that it's not really that big of a deal, but I'm still mad because I could have done it perfectly if I only had 15 seconds more to look over it.

My day got better when I went back to my apartment, actually ate some breakfast, and showered.  Then it was off to Theatre History for a very interesting class.  Today we had a discussion day about our 1st paper and our 1st presentation.  While talking about what was expected of us during the presentation a very funny, yet unsettling thing occurred.  Christine Frezza asked Payden to demonstrate what he did on his very first presentation in her Theatre History II class.
So Payden stood up, walked up to Christine's desk, then proceeded to climb onto her desk.  He stood up on our professors desk with his back to the classroom, then he bent over, put his hands on his butt and said "Hello, my name is Payden." while moving each butt cheek so it looked as if his butt was speaking.  Then he calmly got off Christine's desk and took his seat.
It was hilarious!  Apparently his presentation was on an Absurdist play, so he was just demonstrating absurdism.
That is the life of a theatre student... you get to watch people do the most ridiculous things in class, with the professors approval!

After Theatre History I went back to my dorm and I ate, sat around, and lounged until my Jazz class.  My dance classes are killing me this semester.  I'm so sore, and I feel drained so drained after them.  I'm constantly stretching now so my muscles don't seize up!  But Jazz wasn't too bad today.  I'm getting a lot better at completing the warm up without having to stop.  It's very physically demanding and I get such a good work out from it!  Unfortunately I'm getting worse and worse at my pirouette's.  My teacher says I just think too hard about them, but I don't get how you can't think about it.  Every time I practice outside of class I always end up falling and smashing my body into the ground (I feel like I'm going to be getting some epic bruising soon.)  I'm really trying!  But for some reason this is just one thing I can't seem to get good at no matter how much I try, which really frustrates me because I refuse to fail at anything!
Eventually I'll get them, or at least I hope I do!

After Jazz I actually did something really fun!  Kenna and I met up with our new friend Sarah and we walked to The Grind.  It's the most adorable coffee shop/cafe ever!  Plus it's connected to a used book store called Brauns Books, which makes it all the better.  We spent forever just walking around the bookstore talking about books we've read and giving each other new books to put on our reading lists.  I eventually even caved in to buying a book called Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver.  She wrote two of my favorite books, Sarah said it was really good, and it was only five dollars so I just couldn't pass up the opportunity.  I'll write a review on it to let you know how it was as soon as I finish it.

After the bookstore I accompanied Kenna and Gratten to Art Insights where we listened to Grant Fuhst talk about his art work.  His speaking ability was very poor but I did enjoy looking at his art slide-show.  His work is very dark and a lot of it is just really creepy, but it had a certain Tim Burton feel that I liked a lot!

Then I went back to my dorm with the intention to study for my Music Theory quiz tomorrow, but ended up getting a text from Zac Trotter that siad he was saving me a seat at SUU Live (which is the new vaudeville.)  So instead of studying I went and watched my fellow Theatre Major's perform and had a great time (and don't worry mom, I'll be fine on the quiz tomorrow because I already know all the material.)

So that was my very interesting, yet fun day.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


She just lays there in the middle of the sidewalk.  It’s springtime in New York, hundreds of people rushing around her, but still no one notices.  Everyone rushes past her pretending she’s not there.  They step around her and occasionally on her.  Every day she lays there and sees the countless faces rush by.  So many familiar faces going past, but no one looks into her pleading eyes.  She just lays there.
            “Who’s that?” she hears.
            Someone—someone.’ She thinks.  As smile begins to press against the back of her lips.  She doesn’t let it show, instead she waits, holding the smile off for just a moment.  She glances up to see who spoke; it’s a new unfamiliar face who’s walking alongside and old familiar face.
            “Just ignore her.  She does this every day.” The old face replies.  The smile stops pressing against her lips.  It never had the chance to show through.
            The new and old face walk on by.  She just lays there.
            All alone she lays there.  The crowd of people starts to die down as it gets darker.  Someone—anyone.’ She thinks.  More faces pass without even a glance, feet shuffle past her head.  So badly she wants to reach out and grab one; just to make someone notice.  The people walk on past.  She lays there.
            It’s dark and hardly anyone is passing by anymore, still she lays there.  “Hello?” she hears.  She looks up to see who spoke; ‘Someone—someone!’ she thinks.  It’s the new face she saw today, but the old familiar face isn’t with her this time.  She wonders who the new face is talking to and looks around to find who it is.  She sees no one else around and looks back up into the new face.  Those new eyes are looking right back into hers.  “Hello?” the new lips say, again.
            “Hi.” The word escapes her lips before she realizes it has come out.  The sound of her own voice startles her.
            “My name is Grace.” The new face says.
            “Hope.” She says in reply.  Grace smiles in return.  “You noticed me.” Hope says in disbelief.
            Grace smiles again and nods.
            “Thank you.” Hope says.
            “You’re welcome.” Grace replies and then turns around and walks away.
            Hope lay there for a moment more and then stands up.  She looks down at the place where she had lain, where she had been laying for months.  A smile began to press against the back of her lips.  She didn’t hesitate this time and let it instantly show.  It was a strange feeling, her first real smile in years.  Hope had finally been noticed.
            That was all she had ever wanted.

Jason De Caires Taylor

I have found one of my new favorite artists.  Jason De Caires Taylor carves beautiful sculptures and then submerges them into the waters of South America where they become artificial reefs.
His work can only be described as eerily beautiful...

This was something I just had to share!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trip Down Memory Lane

The odd trip I took down memory lane today was one of... interesting subjects.
Boys... they seem to somehow control a girls life.
So today I was thinking about my boyfriend (who is a very nice boy and a very good boyfriend,) and thinking about this made me think of all the other boys I've had in my life.

First there was the boy across the street... or should that be plural, the boyS across the street.  Kasey Smith and Brock Robison were my two best friends through almost all of elementary school.  I obsessed over each one of them on and off throughout our friendly years (eventually we grew up, grew apart, and began to deeply despise one another.)  I think I even kissed both of them at one point... I distinctly remember getting in trouble in Kindergarten for trying to kiss Kasey in the hall, and I also remember Brock hitting me in 1st grade when I kissed him on the cheek.
So I was obviously boy-crazy from the start!  My parents never had to ask me if I "shopped around the corner" because it was completely apparent from birth that I liked boys.

I 'loved' a lot of other boys during elementary school, too.  It wasn't just Kasey and Brock (although those two were the most memorable.)  There was also Tanner Hatch in 2nd grade.  We became friends in Mrs. Cummens class and I fell in love with him, until he made me cry.  During class one day he drew a picture of me and him kissing, I think it was supposed to flatter me, but instead it just made me so embarrassed that I started crying.  I even think they eventually called my mom to come get me from school because I wouldn't calm down (it was either that or I'm mixing up that with the incident when they had to call my mom because the gym teacher wouldn't let me leave to go to the bathroom and I ended up peeing my pants and ran away to hide in the bathroom.)

After Tanner there was Drew Adams (I apparently had a thing for Wardies since I was still infatuated with Kasey and Brock at this time as well.)  Drew was popular, which is sad to say that popularity comes out even in elementary, but it's true.  I liked Drew because he was popular and he was friends with Kasey and Brock.  I didn't really have any other reasons.
-- Tangent time: popularity was a HUGE thing in elementary! Luckily I was one of the in-between people. I was never really popular, but I also wasn't weird.  I also want to take this moment to apologize to Mitch Jensen who I tortured in elementary by starting the 'blackout' game against his cooties (which lasted for about 3 years.)  I didn't know that by jokingly wiping off my arm where you brushed against me and wiping it on Kasey and saying 'blackout' would start a chain reaction which lasted that long.  We did that to everyone as a joke, but for some reason it just stuck with you.  So I'm sorry!
--Back to the story:

At one point I decided I was in love with Trevor Brimley (another Wardie.)  That ended quickly when my dad informed me that he was my third cousin.

So since I couldn't like Trevor Brimley anymore I decided to like Trevor Holgreen, which is weird because he was (and probably still is) about five times bigger than me.  The only thing I remember about Trevor is that he reminded me of my cousin Dayton, and this was back when Kevin, Landon, and I all used to tease Dayton because he (allegedly) had freckles on his butt.  So obviously I couldn't pass up the opportunity to call Trevor "freckle butt."  Then one day on the playground he got really angry and ripped my shirt sleeve, so I stopped liking him.

Then there was Cade Cloward (again with the Wardie's.)  This was back when I used to play with Carly Cloward and we would pretend we were the power-puff girls and jump on the trampoline like we were flying.  I was always Buttercup and she was always Bubbles.  Then I made the mistake of telling her I liked her little brother, she told him, and then fate decided to play a very nasty trick on me in the form of a new seating chart in class.  Cade was now seated right next to me.  So due to the embarrassing fact that not only did Cade know I liked him but almost the whole class eventually found out I just decided it would be best for my 4th grade image to get over him.

Now the next few guys I get confused of the order so I'll just name them all together: there was the bad-boy who sat across from me (I can't remember his name, I just remember he transferred in to our class in the middle of the year and that he was a huge trouble maker, then his family moved again and he was gone), Andy Baird, T (Andrew Todd), Blaine Bentley, Ben Keaton, and probably many more that I just simply cannot remember.
And that's only Elementary!

Now, on to Junior High:
Actually... I fell like I won't be able to do Junior High crushes justice without have my year books to refer to (yes, I was one of those girls who drew hearts around every boy she thought she was going to marry one day.)  Because the only significant thing I can remember about my MANY crushes is that I went through a Mike phase at one point where I liked Mike Gallacher, then Mike Soderburg, then Mike Brown.  Therefore my Junior High love experiences will be saved for another post of another day.

That leaves High School... yikes...
I do remember that I started out high school being madly in love with Mike Gallacher.  I was convinced I was going to marry him!  I even kept a creeper diary about him, that I still have which is actually really fun to go back and read.  Anyway, Mike was completely and utterly clueless to that fact that he was going to be my future husband.  So eventually I moved on to someone who actually paid attention to me.

Chris Payne.  He liked me too... then he wrote me a poem, I became overwhelmed and instantly stopped liking him.  Maybe, it was also because he completely ruined my acting life because he never memorized his lines for "Get Smart" which made it so Centre Stage had to cancel it.

Then I liked Mark Tumblin.  He was a short, red-headed, extremely funny and cute boy.  Need I say more?

Then there was Matt Goodrich, he bought me three roses for VValentine's day that were sent to me in class.  I actually dried out those three roses and I still have them.  They are currently sitting on my dresser at home in good old Kaysville.

Towards the end of the year I began to like this kid named Justen Christensen... we started hanging out a lot and I got to know his friends Seku Holder (who's black) and Garrett Allen (who I thought was a Jerk for life but has recently redeemed himself.)  For some reason guys never seemed to like me when I liked them so obviously Justen decided to go after my best friend Makayla.  Which started a chain reaction to the worst boy decision of my life...

I started dating Garrett Allen.  Don't ask me why I chose the punk looking kid who my parents were scared instead of the extremely attractive black kid with a cool name.  Maybe it was because Garrett actually showed interest and I was desperate to finally get a guy after watching all my friends get so much attention from so many different guys.  But for whatever reason me and Garrett became a couple.
My first boyfriend and first kiss (YUCK! but that's a completely different story.)
In the beginning I think I only dated him because I was going through my rebellious stage, but eventually I actually started to care for the poor kid.  I felt bad for him and stayed with him for two years.  Then I broke up with him and he turned into the biggest jerk on the face of the planet! (which is also a completely different story for another time)
Now that I look back on that phase of my life I realize that he was always a big jerk, he just wasn't ever to me because he had no reason to be, until I "broke his heart" (which is in fact a direct quote.)

And now I'm dating Gratten Perea, a fantastically nice and handsome boy.  Who unfortunately is Catholic, but fortunately has very good standards for a Catholic boy.
The end.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Miss Frizz

Once upon a time, in a land of many college students with hardly anything to do, there lived a girl (for privacy purposes her name will not be disclosed; she will here-to-for be known as Miss Frizz.)
She was a generally happy girl, but today the sun just refused to shine on her parade.  Some of her miseries of the day included not knowing how to do her homework because she had accidentally slept through class the day before, being extremely sore from dance classes and still having to stretch past her limit in Jazz, being overwhelmed from an excessive amount of stuff she realized she had to accomplish over the next couple of weeks, and literally having the sun refuse to shine today.

Miss Frizz would be alright though, she knew that if she went to sleep she would be refreshed for the new day and that tomorrow would be significantly better, the only problem was getting to sleep.  Her poor brain was in overdrive and wouldn't slow down enough to let her relax into the deep sleep she so desperately desired.  Since she couldn't sleep she decided that the best thing for her to do was use her brain in a fun and creative way and hope that tiredness would soon overcome it.  So she made up a story:

'Once there was a girl who wanted to be a hipster. The end.'

Then she made up a poem:

'Roses are red, violets are blue, I like parsnips, and coconut glue.'

Then she tried to find a funny picture but there are only stupid pictures with animals and misspelled words on the Internet these days.

Then she decided she could finally sleep.

My Ideal World Cont.

I was just reading my last post and realized that I sounded extremely rude.  I'm just going to clarify that when I say fat people, I mean the morbidly obese people you see rolling around Walmart, who if you're not careful around them they might eat your left thigh.  I don't mean the people who are chubby.  I love chubby people!  One of my best friends in high school was chubby.  So, just trying to undo any hurt feelings, or anything... I'm scared of the morbidly obese.

And now to continue on my rant of my perfect ideal world...

Meat grosses me out (I'm talking like hunky juicy steaks, not lunch meat, which I actually thoroughly enjoy.)  I know it's good for you, and your body needs the protein, but I can't help but thinking about exactly what I'm eating and it just makes me feel nauseous.  So in my world we would never have to eat meat, but all of you meat lovers out there would be completely fine to still eat meat.  I personally would just choose not to.

Another thing I would change is sidewalk cracks.  I know it sounds stupid, and a little insane, but I just don't like the cracks in sidewalks.  I could argue that it's because I long board and it's so much easier to board without them, but I hated sidewalk cracks even before I became a boarder so that excuse doesn't exactly work.  I don't know what it is about them but I hate stepping on them and I hate seeing them, and I hate that lame "don't step on the crack, or you'll fall and break your back" rhyme that associates with them.
In conclusion: No sidewalk cracks= Perfection!

Now, to address the issue of teeth.  They're very functional, but such a pain in the arse (don't worry though, I take very good care of my teeth, I actually brush them and floss them so much that my dentist informed me that my gumline is receding and I need to be more careful.)
In my perfect world we would all have fake teeth.  Then there would never be atrocious bills for braces, there would be no pain from cavities, and people wouldn't be shunned for their disgusting teeth... actually strike that last one.  Even if we all had fake teeth in my perfect world we'd all still have to brush them and floss them, because gunky buildup on the teeth is just nasty!  So if you had fake teeth, and still didn't care for them, you would in fact be shunned!

I also feel that I must say my ideal world would have no war and only peace, or else I will be considered un-American.  So the answer is "World Peace."

I dislike shoes, a lot!  They're great in the winter to protect your feet, but since my ideal world would have no winter then I say "No" to shoes.  The world would still have shoes for hiking and long boarding and doing other activities that need the protection of shoes, but it would be socially acceptable to go to school or other places without them.  I know a lot of people out there are grossed out by feet, but I'm not, so shoes are preferably left at home.

Another change I would make for my prefect world would be to get rid of bugs.  There is no need for an explanation on this one, just know that I am a girl and I think bugs are creepy.  Enough said.

I'm sure if I sat here long enough I could think of a plethora of things I would change, but then I would practically be creating a completely different dimension.  So I'm going to leave it at this. 

My Ideal World

My ideal world is... different (well obviously because no one's ideal world is this messed up one we live in, but also different as in a weird way like making the platypus mans' best friend instead of dogs)

First off I hate winter.  Yes, I know it's pretty and it's fun to have snowball fights or make snowmen, but I still hate it.  I'll admit it's pretty when it first falls, but after that it just gets mushy and gross looking.  Plus it's cold and wet, two things that just make me unhappy when put together.  It also doesn't help that I have diagnosed myself with Seasonal Affective Disorder which is where you get depressed during the winter because of a lack of sunlight, appropriately acronymed SAD (get it? winter makes you sad, it's funny.)
Therefore, in my perfect world we would have no winter.  Just summer and a longer fall and spring.

I also hate hair.  Whoever started the trend of men having short hair and women having long hair should be tested for insanity.  Doing your hair every morning is such a hastle, which is why I don't do my hair anymore.  Luckily, I have this incredible curly hair that looks presentable when all I do is wash it and let it air dry.  But even though I don't have to do my hair I still hate it and want to cut it off (not to the point of shaving it but just cut it short like a guy.)  I also feel terrible for the millions of girls out there who don't have gorgeous curly locks that actually have to do something to their hair every morning.
So in my world everyone would have short hair.

Not only do I hate head hair, but body hair is even worse.  It's not just because shaving your legs and armpits every day is such a hastle, but because I actually think having hairy bodies is gross.  I don't mind hair on top of your head or your eyebrows, but in my ideal world there would be no hair on the rest of your body.

I have to make a "hurt feelings" disclosure before I make my next statement: If you are not at the weight you wish to be at then please don't read on...

My ideal world would have no fat people.  No, it's not because I'm a stupid girlie bimbo who thinks that you have to have an unrealistic model body to be pretty.  I'm simply scared of fat people.  When I was little I had an irrational fear that I would somehow get stuck in a persons fat rolls and I would suffocate to death.  Also it's very bad for your health... but mostly it's the fact that I still have an irrational fear of fat people.

Another thing I would change is having children.  Instead of having an extremely disgusting (and might I add painful) emergence from a uterus, babies would be dropped off on your front porch by a stork just like the Mother Goose stories say that babies come to be.  I've just seen too many births in my Medical Anatomy class back in High School that it made me never want to go through that process.  I have always wanted to be a mother though, I'll admit I'm even a little baby hungry, but it would just be so much nicer to have a baby dropped off by a stork than having to spend 9 months carrying around some alien in my abdomen that causes me pain, discomfort, mood swings, and odd cravings, and after those 9 months experiencing a very long a painful delivery.

I promise you that there are plenty more things i would change to make my ideal world, but at the moment I am extremely tired, it is 1:09 in the morning, and I have an 8a.m. class to attend.  So I need to sleep (ironically in my ideal world we would never have to sleep, we still would be able to but it would just be a form of relaxation and meditation instead of a need to function properly.)

Monday, September 12, 2011


I have a dream...
Dream: a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.

This is not the kind of dream I'm talking about though, I am indeed using the adjective form of dream just like Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dream: (adj.) a strong desire

My dream is to one day be on Broadway.
Yes, my dream is very far fetched and seems almost unreachable. BUT I'M GOING TO ACHIEVE IT!

I am currently in my second year of college at SUU studying Musical Theatre.
Musical Theatre is my passion in life.  I chose it as my major because I honestly feel as if I would never be happy doing anything else in life, which is sad, but true.  I would live an absolutely miserable life if I had to have a desk job.
(unless that desk job was writing, because I've secretly always wanted to be a writer, but I lack the commitment or imagination)

At the end of last year I auditioned for the BFA... I didn't make it and I was totally bummed and cried myself to sleep, but eventually I got over it.
I talked to all the professors and they all thought I had an extremely good audition but they wanted to see my progress for one more year before deciding, so I'm auditioning again at the end of this year.  I really hope I make it, because if I don't I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with the rest of my life.  I know that out in the real world of Theatre the directors don't base things off of whether you have a BFA or just a BA, but I still really want the BFA.  Plus if I don't make it I sort of feel like it's going to crush my confidence... if I can't even make the BFA program at SUU then how in any possible way could I ever be on Broadway.
So I have a lot of pressure on me this year.  I have to get to know the Theatre Department faculty even more, I have to keep getting my good grades, I have to improve on my acting and singing, and I have to somehow make an impression on the faculty so they want me in the BFA program.
I am also the woman understudy for the musical "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change."  So I get to learn every single woman song, every woman line, and every woman dance, and then try and keep them straight between each different girl in the show.
I have a lot on my plate.

I have confidence though!  I will get good grades (mostly because I refuse to settle for anything less than a B+ and even then that's still not good enough, and also because my parents expect me to get the grades I need to keep my academic scholarship), I will take a class from Richard Bugg (because he's the only faculty member who I have yet to take a class from and get to know), I will improve on my singing (I am taking a private voice lesson with a teacher who actually seems to know what she's talking about), and I am going to do everything I can to be the BEST understudy that Anthony has ever had for a show.

My dreams will come true because I will make them happen!