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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Walking Dead

Recently I've been converted to watching The Walking Dead, which is a TV series about a zombie apocalypse.  It's actually a really good show so far and I just finished watching the first season last night.  Season 2 starts tomorrow!  So anyway, I love the concept of zombies.  I know it would be absolutely devastating if there ever actually was a zombie apocalypse, but at the same time it would be so cool!  But not really... it'd truly be horrific and dangerous and very sad.  But I'd kick some zombie butt!

Anyway, this TV show made me realize something very important.  I think other ethnicity's are very attractive!  I should have figured that out when I started dating a half Mexican, but I guess it never really hit me.  I have a thing for non-whites.

This is Steven Yuen, an actor from The Walking Dead.  And he is currently my biggest celebrity crush.  He is also Korean and very attractive.

This is Donald Glover.  He plays Troy on Community.  He is also a very attractive man, and he is definitely not white.  Plus in this picture he's wearing hipster glasses!  What more could I ask for?
Danny Pudi who plays Abed on Community.  He is Indian, and completely adorable!
Dominic Sandoval who was on So You Think You Can Dance.  Absolutely amazing breaker and very attractive Filipino!
Marko Germar also from So You Think You Can Dance.  Absolutely gorgeous and from Guam!
Tadd Gadduang.  So You Think You Can Dance.  Filipino.  Lives in Salt Lake City.

Maybe I should stop here.  I definitely could go on, but I don't want my dad to have a conniption when he sees this post.


  1. I am commenting on your profile name... I love that book!!! (I am Colleen's friend :D)

  2. Haha So I just watched the first episode of the walking dead, not sure what I think. I like the story, but it's a bit gory. (Haha that rhymed) But now I get what you ment when you said you thought Koreans were attractive :)

  3. Well hello Colleen's friend! And do you means her actual book of poetry or Paper Towns?
    -Margo Roth

  4. Paper Towns...I had no idea Margo Roth Spiegelman was a real person (and a poet at that!)
    I was tickled pink to realize that the title of your blog is from an Emily Dickinson poem...I love her.