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Saturday, October 29, 2011


I have a major week coming up soon!  On Monday I have an audition for Little Women, Tuesday I have an audition for Almost Maine, and then Wednesday I have my understudy performance for I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change.  And then hopefully somewhere in that same week I'll have callbacks!

I'm very excited for everything that's coming up!  Here's my audition pieces:
For Little Women I'm singing How Could I Know from Secret Garden

Then I am doing a monologue from The Shadow Box.
Maggie- No. I want you to come home.  What is this place, anyway?  They make everything so nice.  Why?  So you forger?  I can't.  I can't.  I want you to come home.  I want you to stay out four nights a week bowling, and then come home so I can yell and not talk to you.  I want to fight so you'll take me to a movie and by the time I get you to take me I'm so upset I can't enjoy the picture.  I want to get up too early, and I'll let you know about it too, because I have to make you breakfast, because you never, never once eat it, because you make me get up too early just to keep you company and talk to you, and it's cold, and my back aches, and I got nothing to say to you and we never talk, and it's six-thirty in the morning, every morning, even Sunday morning and it's all right... it's all right... it's all right because I want to be there because you need me to be there because I want you to be there because I want you to come home.

For Almost Maine I'm doing a monologue that I got in High School, but never actually performed.

Dating: I am a wonderful person; I know that sounds vain, but I am.  I really truly am.  I'm very likable.  I hardly ever pitch a fit or raise my voice.  I'm neat and clean and I read all the best-selling books and I can recite just about all of Shakespeare's sonnets.  I know.  I know, I'm coming on too strong here.  It's our third date and I'm... I'm scaring you, I can see that.  I'm sorry.  I just... we all have faults, right?  We all do.  Maybe you beat your cat or run-over turtles on the highway or maybe it's not even a spiteful thing.  And... well, so I have trouble remembering people's names, okay, it's not like I do it on purpose, it's just my thing, my one great flaw.  And... I think you're a really terrific person and I like you a whole lot and I know we've been out three times now and I know you call me every night but before we go any further... I have to confess... I... I can't remember your name!

I'm also going to be auditioning for a show called Rabbit Hole on the 8th that my friend Zac Trotter is directing for Second Studio.
I need two monologues for that audition, one dramatic and one comedic.

First monologue is from 50 Guns.
Emma- I have always been fascinated by guns.  Some say guns are evil.  Anything created solely for the purpose of destroying other human beings must be evil.  Murder is easy.  It’s a terrible thing to say but murder is easy.  The act itself is simple.  You point the gun and pull the trigger.  Easy.  And guns can not undo what they have done.  You can’t pull the trigger and bring somebody back.  No matter how much you might want to.  Once the bullet leaves—it’s never coming back.
Simon Peters was baby-sitting his 11-year-old sister, Emma, and a 12-year-old neighbor at the time of the shooting.
Simon, who recently had enlisted in the Air Force was showing his prize pistol to his little sister and the neighbor.
Simon took the magazine out of the pistol and gave the gun to his sister, unaware that a round was left in the weapon. His sister Emma pulled the trigger, hitting her older brother in the head.  “It was accidental,” said local Senior Detective Andrew Macklin.  “There was no foul play.”
"This is a terrible tragedy. One that his sister will have to live with..." all my life.

The second monologue is from If These Walls Could Talk.
Rose Marie- Can we talk?  I am seriously worried about my future.  I am worried about my personality.  Everyone tells me I'm too assertive, too aggressive.  They say people don't like that.  They don't mean "people."  They mean men.  The male animal does not like a female animal who is assertive and aggressive.  Tell that to the lioness in the jungle, the male lion doesn't seem to mind.  I mean, what am I supposed to do?  When I see something that needs to be corrected, I correct it.  When I know a question has to be asked, I ask it.  Why put me down for that?  Am I expected to go through life with my mouth shut and my ears open?  I might as well wear a veil.  I tried it once- being meek and humble.  Didn't work.  Wasn't me.  I've got problems.

I'm very excited and I hope I at least get into something out of the three!


  1. Hii, where is your "I can't remember your name." Monologue from, is I could ask..? I would love to know, it's a wonderful monologue!

  2. It is actually just a monologue that I got in high school from my very first drama class. It's not from anything but I love it so much and I think it is so wonderful that I use it in auditions anyway.

    1. Hi! I love the Dating monologue! Do you happen to know who wrote it?

  3. Who is the author of the 50 guns monologue?