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Monday, October 24, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse Guide

Just like any other red-blooded American college student I am obsessed with the concept of Zombie's.  I've been watching The Walking Dead series lately and it has inspired me to write a journal on all the things I will need to know in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse.

Last year I bought a really cool looking journal/dairy from The Wiz, but so far I've never written in it.  I could never think of anything worthy to write about.  I mean this is one AWESOME journal.  It looks very old school and the paper is old and brown and even has flower petals pressed into it.

 But now I've finally found something worthy enough to be in this beautiful journal!

So this is my Zombie Apocalypse Guide.

I'm going to add a bunch of things in it throughout the years till that eminent Zombie Apocalypse happens.  Things like how to syphon gas, break into and hot wire a car, how to suture a cut (which I actually already know how to do thanks to Medical Anatomy in High School) and when Zombie's start taking over the world I will have a very good chance of surviving.

I already feel like I have a very good chance of surviving since I at least have common sense.  Plus I know exactly where to go to get a huge variety of weapons in the event of a Zombie outbreak; Smith and Edwards!  They have so many great things there!  Including a Tank and other military artillery.  Here is my basic list of weapon wants:
A Compound Bow with Arrows (because then I will never run out of ammo since I can go retrieve the arrows and it's silent)
Semi Automatic Shotgun (because it's easier and faster than the compound bow in case their are multiple Zombie's coming after you)

A small hatchet

Small hand scythe

A machete

A screw driver set (because they can be used as weapons as well as for their original purpose)

And I'd also need a blade sharpener for the scythe, hatchet, and machete.

There are plenty of other weapons I'd want to get as well, but these are the basics.  Now I just need to start writing everything I'm going to need to know for the Apocalypse.

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