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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Derby Darling Pageant

Once upon a time there was something called a Derby Darling Pageant.  To tell you the truth I have no idea what it is exactly, all I know is that the Sigma Chi's are in charge of it and this year they've gotten Rachel to be in it.  She wants to sing a song called Coolest Girl from A Very Potter Sequel, so naturally she asked if I would be the wonderful friend I am and learn how to play the song on the piano.  And being the pushover I am even though I am extremely busy, I agreed to help out.

Luckily I already knew how to play half of the song on the piano already because it was one of the songs I tried learning over the summer.  It's actually a really funny song!  And here is the story behind it:
There once was a boy named Darren Chris
Those of you who watch Glee will recognize him from that show.  I don't watch Glee, and honestly I wish he would quit Glee and go back to what he was doing before he got on that TV show.
What he did before Glee was practically the most amazing thing any thespian, Harry Potter nerd could ever dream of.  He co-founded an acting company called Team Starkid, and helped write A Very Potter Musical, which is a musical spoof on Harry Potter.  After it became a huge hit Team Starkid wrote A Very Potter Sequel.  Which is where this song Coolest Girl (sung by Hermione Granger) can be found.  Both of these musicals are a huge success and can be found on youtube.  Team Starkid has been thinking about writing another Harry Potter related musical, but unfortunately Darren (who played Harry in both shows) is in Glee and doesn't have the time.  So that is why I wish he would quit Glee, because I don't enjoy Glee, but I love Harry Potter!

Anyway, back to Rachel and her talent.  I am going to be playing the piano for her in this pageant... that is, if we can master it by Friday.  So hopefully all goes well, and this doesn't cause me any stress.

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