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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Conference Weekend

I love General Conference, especially because now I get to see my mom on television singing in the choir.  But I love Conference even more this weekend because I get to see my mom not only on TV but in person!  I'M FINALLY HOME!

I've missed being home so much the past few weeks at college.  Even though I love school, and all my classes, and being with friends I still get really homesick sometimes.  I'm so happy that Anthony let me skip this weekends rehearsals to come home and be with my family again!

At the present moment I am waiting for the Saturday afternoon session to start, so I decided I would blog about how awesome it is being home.  I've really missed waking up to my dad's voice.  It's a ton better than my phone alarm!  I've also just missed sitting around and talking with my mom, or watching TV with her.  Last night I got to do both and it just made me so happy!

I think the most amazing thing that's happened so far is that Taylor willingly hugged me last night!  I think he really does miss me when I'm gone even if he won't admit to it.  I'm sure he doesn't miss the bathroom sharing or TV sharing though.

Tomorrow is Sarah's birthday and I'm so happy I get to be home for it!  She's turning fifteen!  It's terrifying how old she's getting!  It's funny to me that as I watch Anna grow up it's completely different from watching Sarah grow up.  Every year Anna grows and matures and it seems very natural to me, but Sarah is another matter.  Yes, she grows and matures just like her sister (and when I say grow I don't mean physically because she's definitely not doing that, I mean mentally) but she stays pretty much the same sweet, innocent little girl that I always want her to be.  And I'm positive she's always going to stay that sweet, innocent little girl!  Anna goes through changes with her friends and interests, but Sarah will never stop loving Pokemon or Corduroy, and I think that's why it's weird for me every time she gets a year older.  I've just decided that when we're all older she's going to live with me whether she wants to or not, because I'm never going to be willing to let go of my fiery headed little sister!

Today we are going to watch Dolphin Tale for her birthday celebration.  It looks like a very cute movie, so I hope I like it.  Dad and Taylor are going to the Priesthood session of Conference tonight so it's going to be an all girl thing.  I'm very excited!  I love my family so much, and ironically I am listen to the children's choir singing in Conference right now and they are singing "Families Can Be Together Forever."  I know that is true, and I'm so grateful for that because I wouldn't be able to live happily without the wonderful family that I have!

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  1. It was wonderful to have you here! I love seeing your sweet face!