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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today is result day for my auditions.  Both cast lists for Little Women and Almost Maine go up today.  I'm extremely nervous and decided I needed to do something to keep me busy, so here I am.

I've heard some very good news from my friend Elisa and some nerve wracking news from her as well.  She is the Assistant Director for Almost Maine so she already knows both cast lists.  I'll start with the news that made me extremely nervous; she said that Little Women has a very strange cast.  Which obviously made me nervous, because either that means I'm not strange and I didn't make it, or I made it and I'm a strange choice for whichever part I got.  Luckily later on she told me that Rick Bugg LOVED my audition for Almost Maine and he even asked Elisa why I haven't taken one of his classes yet.  When she told me that I was ecstatic!  Out of the four professors who choose the BFA's at this school, Rick Bugg was the one I needed to impress this year and get to know.  I'M ON MY WAY TO BE A BFA!!!!

With that last bit of news I'm hoping that if I didn't make Little Women that Bugg will have put me in Almost Maine.  I just want to be in a Main Stage show so bad!  But I guess if I don't make either I always have Rabbit Hole to audition for next Monday, which I'd have a very good shot for.  And at least being in a Second Studio show is better than nothing.

Anyway... I think I'm going to play Zelda now to get my mind off things.  I've almost beaten Ocarina of Time!  I just need to defeat Ganondorf, escape the castle, then beat Ganon and I'll be finished!

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