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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Off Day

Today I feel very off balance.  It's been so bad that this morning during my Aural Skills test I started crying.  I had already done the written portion of the test and I walked in to do the sight singing portion and messed up once and just started crying.  It was extremely embarrassing!  I blamed it on my lack of sleep and frustration at not doing as well as I wanted to on that test.  But then my emotions got the better of me again during Jazz.  We were doing pirouette's and my legs just weren't working right and I couldn't even do a single turn.  I got so mad at myself that I just started crying, again.  I've decided that my tear ducts are not only connected to my sad emotions, but also my frustration, anger, and even extremely happy emotions.  It can cause very embarrassing moments for myself.

So anyway I'm not entirely sure why I'm having such an off day.  But I am... I guess there are plenty of possible reasons:
I haven't been getting enough sleep.
I have rehearsals for I Love You every night and I am supposed to be memorized by now but I'm struggling with getting every character's line's down.
I have to write two papers this week, one due on Thursday, the other on Friday.
I have a ton of regular homework that I need to do even without having to write those two papers.
I haven't been having any fun lately because all I do is homework and rehearsal, so basically I miss my friends.
And I'm homesick.

So hopefully things will get better over the weekend.  I'll just have to tough it out till then though! I can do it!

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