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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zelda Exposed

I sadly keep "forgetting" to post.
And what I actually mean by that is I'm really busy with "rehearsals."
And what I actually really truly mean is that I'm actually just really busy being a total geek and playing Zelda on my laptop every second of my free time.

So as I am known for unhealthy obsessions (like Michael Gallacher for all 3 years of my Junior High life and my first year of High School, and a fairly new obsession for frozen cherry-limeade right after dance classes) I'm not doing anything to try and get rid of my obsession for Zelda.  I am currently in the process of playing Ocarina of Time, and I've decided that it's probably the best video game that has ever been invented!  It's not just mindless violent action like Halo, Call of Duty, or in my boyfriends case Gears of War III (bless his little heart) but you actually have to be creative and smart to play Zelda.  Nothing in that game is ever handed to you on a platter.  You have to figure things out yourself, and try some of the most random things to get past different parts in the game.

So me being obsessed right now means that this picture is most definitely the wallpaper for my laptop at the moment:
Which I absolutely love because I'm the only one who ever sees this and witnesses exactly how nerdy I am.
Until today that is...

Today in Theatre History I had to give a presentation on the similarities and differences of Satyr plays and Old Comedy.  I pulled up the slide-show I had made, and plugged my laptop into the projector cord and I gave my presentation.  Then when it was over I hit the exit button to get out of power point and had completely forgotten that I was still plugged into the projector and that an epic picture of Link was my background.  So everyone saw this picture displayed on a huge projector screen screaming out the fact that I am indeed a complete nerd.

It actually wasn't that bad though, lots of people laughed yes but one guy said "I love your background!"  Yes that last one could've been sarcastic, and the laughing could've been laughing at me.  But I choose to see it that the people who were laughing were also Zelda nerds and they were laughing because they were so relieved to see another hopeless fan, and I don't think the guy who spoke out meant it sarcastically at all.  So I am now an out of the closet Zelda nerd!

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