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Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Alone

This past weekend 3 of my suite-mates went home; Kenna, Madison, and Rachel.  Which left myself, Kadi, and Ju-Hee to the apartment.  But Ju-Hee is NEVER here so technically it just left me and Kadi to the apartment... So what marvelous things did I do this weekend you might be asking yourself?
Well... I went to rehearsals... and played Zelda... and ate food.
I know sad and boring...
... oh wait! I think I might have showered like once during the weekend too, so there's another thing I did.

Ok now seriously what did I do this weekend?
On Friday I alternated between playing Zelda, eating, and watching TV from the time I got out of classes at noon and my rehearsal at six.  Then I think I hung out with Gratten at the Sig house for a bit, but then some of the guys got out their hooka (huka? however you spell it...) so we left and went back to my place.  Then we watched The Little Rascals with Kadi, but I ended up just going to bed because I was so tired while they finished the movie.

Saturday morning I had rehearsal at ten and then we got a lunch break at noon.  I was just going to go back to my room to make a sandwich but Josh Durfy (a fellow cast member) asked if I wanted to go to the cafeteria with him so he swiped his T-Card for me and I ate there.  So I've been talking a lot about how I miss the cafeteria... then I ate the food again.  Now I know I just miss the quality social time I got with my friends in the cafe last year.
After lunch we had rehearsal till four.  I didn't have anything to do after rehearsal because Gratten was on a hike with Mike and Zac so I just went back to my dorm and talked with Kadi for a bit.  Then she left to go hang out down the hall with another room and I played Zelda for about three hours because there was seriously nothing else to do (I can't wait till I have all my books down here again!)
Finally Gratten, Mike, and Zac got home so I went to the Sig house and we sat around and talked and eventually watched Nightmare Before Christmas.  I love that movie, Tim Burton is just a genius!

Sunday I did the usual Sunday things.  And that night my best friend Kenna FINALLY got back and we watched Thor at the Sig house.

So my weekend clearly consisted of lots of movies, Zelda, and rehearsal.  So I'm actually quite glad to be back into the school mode to actually do something with my life that's not repetitive.  Speaking of school, I have a test tomorrow so I should be getting to sleep.

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