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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Future Children

No, I'm not planning on having children anytime soon!  Just clarifying mother, so you don't have to worry!  That's why it says future, as in the very far future.

Anyway for the longest time I've wanted to name my daughter Turtle.  I know it's a weird name, but it's from one of my favorite books, plus I really do think it's an adorable name for a little girl.  I've sadly learned recently that not many people think that Turtle is a good name for a baby, so I've decided that I'm going to have Zac Thunder-Child Palmer (who is Native American) be my sperm donor.  Then I can name my daughter Turtle and no one would be able to tell me it's a bad name, because that would be a hate crime.

I also think another adorable girls name would be Zelda.  Luckily there would be no sperm donor complications with that name.  Plus what guy doesn't like video games?  She would be the most popular girl with that name!  I'm sure that my daughter would love this name, maybe not in Junior High, but I'm sure if she's anything like me then she would be so grateful to have such a cool name.

Those are the two girl names I would want, and if I had a boy I would name him Marius or Gavroche... I can't choose between the two.  Probably Marius though.  For those of you who are terrible people and don't know where I got these two names they are characters in Les Mis.

I've also thought about naming a boy Ash, from Pokemon.
Maybe even Aang or Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender.
I also like Toph, Mai, or Azula as girl names also from Avatar.
Yes, all of these names are weird, and nerdy.  But I love them!

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