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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trip Down Memory Lane

The odd trip I took down memory lane today was one of... interesting subjects.
Boys... they seem to somehow control a girls life.
So today I was thinking about my boyfriend (who is a very nice boy and a very good boyfriend,) and thinking about this made me think of all the other boys I've had in my life.

First there was the boy across the street... or should that be plural, the boyS across the street.  Kasey Smith and Brock Robison were my two best friends through almost all of elementary school.  I obsessed over each one of them on and off throughout our friendly years (eventually we grew up, grew apart, and began to deeply despise one another.)  I think I even kissed both of them at one point... I distinctly remember getting in trouble in Kindergarten for trying to kiss Kasey in the hall, and I also remember Brock hitting me in 1st grade when I kissed him on the cheek.
So I was obviously boy-crazy from the start!  My parents never had to ask me if I "shopped around the corner" because it was completely apparent from birth that I liked boys.

I 'loved' a lot of other boys during elementary school, too.  It wasn't just Kasey and Brock (although those two were the most memorable.)  There was also Tanner Hatch in 2nd grade.  We became friends in Mrs. Cummens class and I fell in love with him, until he made me cry.  During class one day he drew a picture of me and him kissing, I think it was supposed to flatter me, but instead it just made me so embarrassed that I started crying.  I even think they eventually called my mom to come get me from school because I wouldn't calm down (it was either that or I'm mixing up that with the incident when they had to call my mom because the gym teacher wouldn't let me leave to go to the bathroom and I ended up peeing my pants and ran away to hide in the bathroom.)

After Tanner there was Drew Adams (I apparently had a thing for Wardies since I was still infatuated with Kasey and Brock at this time as well.)  Drew was popular, which is sad to say that popularity comes out even in elementary, but it's true.  I liked Drew because he was popular and he was friends with Kasey and Brock.  I didn't really have any other reasons.
-- Tangent time: popularity was a HUGE thing in elementary! Luckily I was one of the in-between people. I was never really popular, but I also wasn't weird.  I also want to take this moment to apologize to Mitch Jensen who I tortured in elementary by starting the 'blackout' game against his cooties (which lasted for about 3 years.)  I didn't know that by jokingly wiping off my arm where you brushed against me and wiping it on Kasey and saying 'blackout' would start a chain reaction which lasted that long.  We did that to everyone as a joke, but for some reason it just stuck with you.  So I'm sorry!
--Back to the story:

At one point I decided I was in love with Trevor Brimley (another Wardie.)  That ended quickly when my dad informed me that he was my third cousin.

So since I couldn't like Trevor Brimley anymore I decided to like Trevor Holgreen, which is weird because he was (and probably still is) about five times bigger than me.  The only thing I remember about Trevor is that he reminded me of my cousin Dayton, and this was back when Kevin, Landon, and I all used to tease Dayton because he (allegedly) had freckles on his butt.  So obviously I couldn't pass up the opportunity to call Trevor "freckle butt."  Then one day on the playground he got really angry and ripped my shirt sleeve, so I stopped liking him.

Then there was Cade Cloward (again with the Wardie's.)  This was back when I used to play with Carly Cloward and we would pretend we were the power-puff girls and jump on the trampoline like we were flying.  I was always Buttercup and she was always Bubbles.  Then I made the mistake of telling her I liked her little brother, she told him, and then fate decided to play a very nasty trick on me in the form of a new seating chart in class.  Cade was now seated right next to me.  So due to the embarrassing fact that not only did Cade know I liked him but almost the whole class eventually found out I just decided it would be best for my 4th grade image to get over him.

Now the next few guys I get confused of the order so I'll just name them all together: there was the bad-boy who sat across from me (I can't remember his name, I just remember he transferred in to our class in the middle of the year and that he was a huge trouble maker, then his family moved again and he was gone), Andy Baird, T (Andrew Todd), Blaine Bentley, Ben Keaton, and probably many more that I just simply cannot remember.
And that's only Elementary!

Now, on to Junior High:
Actually... I fell like I won't be able to do Junior High crushes justice without have my year books to refer to (yes, I was one of those girls who drew hearts around every boy she thought she was going to marry one day.)  Because the only significant thing I can remember about my MANY crushes is that I went through a Mike phase at one point where I liked Mike Gallacher, then Mike Soderburg, then Mike Brown.  Therefore my Junior High love experiences will be saved for another post of another day.

That leaves High School... yikes...
I do remember that I started out high school being madly in love with Mike Gallacher.  I was convinced I was going to marry him!  I even kept a creeper diary about him, that I still have which is actually really fun to go back and read.  Anyway, Mike was completely and utterly clueless to that fact that he was going to be my future husband.  So eventually I moved on to someone who actually paid attention to me.

Chris Payne.  He liked me too... then he wrote me a poem, I became overwhelmed and instantly stopped liking him.  Maybe, it was also because he completely ruined my acting life because he never memorized his lines for "Get Smart" which made it so Centre Stage had to cancel it.

Then I liked Mark Tumblin.  He was a short, red-headed, extremely funny and cute boy.  Need I say more?

Then there was Matt Goodrich, he bought me three roses for VValentine's day that were sent to me in class.  I actually dried out those three roses and I still have them.  They are currently sitting on my dresser at home in good old Kaysville.

Towards the end of the year I began to like this kid named Justen Christensen... we started hanging out a lot and I got to know his friends Seku Holder (who's black) and Garrett Allen (who I thought was a Jerk for life but has recently redeemed himself.)  For some reason guys never seemed to like me when I liked them so obviously Justen decided to go after my best friend Makayla.  Which started a chain reaction to the worst boy decision of my life...

I started dating Garrett Allen.  Don't ask me why I chose the punk looking kid who my parents were scared instead of the extremely attractive black kid with a cool name.  Maybe it was because Garrett actually showed interest and I was desperate to finally get a guy after watching all my friends get so much attention from so many different guys.  But for whatever reason me and Garrett became a couple.
My first boyfriend and first kiss (YUCK! but that's a completely different story.)
In the beginning I think I only dated him because I was going through my rebellious stage, but eventually I actually started to care for the poor kid.  I felt bad for him and stayed with him for two years.  Then I broke up with him and he turned into the biggest jerk on the face of the planet! (which is also a completely different story for another time)
Now that I look back on that phase of my life I realize that he was always a big jerk, he just wasn't ever to me because he had no reason to be, until I "broke his heart" (which is in fact a direct quote.)

And now I'm dating Gratten Perea, a fantastically nice and handsome boy.  Who unfortunately is Catholic, but fortunately has very good standards for a Catholic boy.
The end.

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