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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Ideal World Cont.

I was just reading my last post and realized that I sounded extremely rude.  I'm just going to clarify that when I say fat people, I mean the morbidly obese people you see rolling around Walmart, who if you're not careful around them they might eat your left thigh.  I don't mean the people who are chubby.  I love chubby people!  One of my best friends in high school was chubby.  So, just trying to undo any hurt feelings, or anything... I'm scared of the morbidly obese.

And now to continue on my rant of my perfect ideal world...

Meat grosses me out (I'm talking like hunky juicy steaks, not lunch meat, which I actually thoroughly enjoy.)  I know it's good for you, and your body needs the protein, but I can't help but thinking about exactly what I'm eating and it just makes me feel nauseous.  So in my world we would never have to eat meat, but all of you meat lovers out there would be completely fine to still eat meat.  I personally would just choose not to.

Another thing I would change is sidewalk cracks.  I know it sounds stupid, and a little insane, but I just don't like the cracks in sidewalks.  I could argue that it's because I long board and it's so much easier to board without them, but I hated sidewalk cracks even before I became a boarder so that excuse doesn't exactly work.  I don't know what it is about them but I hate stepping on them and I hate seeing them, and I hate that lame "don't step on the crack, or you'll fall and break your back" rhyme that associates with them.
In conclusion: No sidewalk cracks= Perfection!

Now, to address the issue of teeth.  They're very functional, but such a pain in the arse (don't worry though, I take very good care of my teeth, I actually brush them and floss them so much that my dentist informed me that my gumline is receding and I need to be more careful.)
In my perfect world we would all have fake teeth.  Then there would never be atrocious bills for braces, there would be no pain from cavities, and people wouldn't be shunned for their disgusting teeth... actually strike that last one.  Even if we all had fake teeth in my perfect world we'd all still have to brush them and floss them, because gunky buildup on the teeth is just nasty!  So if you had fake teeth, and still didn't care for them, you would in fact be shunned!

I also feel that I must say my ideal world would have no war and only peace, or else I will be considered un-American.  So the answer is "World Peace."

I dislike shoes, a lot!  They're great in the winter to protect your feet, but since my ideal world would have no winter then I say "No" to shoes.  The world would still have shoes for hiking and long boarding and doing other activities that need the protection of shoes, but it would be socially acceptable to go to school or other places without them.  I know a lot of people out there are grossed out by feet, but I'm not, so shoes are preferably left at home.

Another change I would make for my prefect world would be to get rid of bugs.  There is no need for an explanation on this one, just know that I am a girl and I think bugs are creepy.  Enough said.

I'm sure if I sat here long enough I could think of a plethora of things I would change, but then I would practically be creating a completely different dimension.  So I'm going to leave it at this. 

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