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Friday, September 16, 2011

Blunders, Butts, Bruises, and Books

Today was a fun and strange day.
It started off with me waking up at 6:30 this morning to my alarm, then I hit the dismiss button and set another alarm for 7:30 because I was tired and decided I could just shower after my Aural Skills class.  Then I woke up at 7:30 when my other alarm went off and I actually got out of bed and threw on some clothes, put my hair up, and headed off to the Music Building.  My class had our first quiz in Aural skills this morning... I felt like I did really well on the written portion... Then I did my sight reading.  He told me I got a 90 on it, so I guess I didn't actually do very bad at all but I made a really stupid mistake.  Which made me really mad at myself.  I was supposed to sing do, mi, fa, sol, la, sol, do, mi, do, but instead I sang, do, mi, fa, sol, la, sol, do, re, do.  I said mi but sang re!  Yes, I understand that it's not really that big of a deal, but I'm still mad because I could have done it perfectly if I only had 15 seconds more to look over it.

My day got better when I went back to my apartment, actually ate some breakfast, and showered.  Then it was off to Theatre History for a very interesting class.  Today we had a discussion day about our 1st paper and our 1st presentation.  While talking about what was expected of us during the presentation a very funny, yet unsettling thing occurred.  Christine Frezza asked Payden to demonstrate what he did on his very first presentation in her Theatre History II class.
So Payden stood up, walked up to Christine's desk, then proceeded to climb onto her desk.  He stood up on our professors desk with his back to the classroom, then he bent over, put his hands on his butt and said "Hello, my name is Payden." while moving each butt cheek so it looked as if his butt was speaking.  Then he calmly got off Christine's desk and took his seat.
It was hilarious!  Apparently his presentation was on an Absurdist play, so he was just demonstrating absurdism.
That is the life of a theatre student... you get to watch people do the most ridiculous things in class, with the professors approval!

After Theatre History I went back to my dorm and I ate, sat around, and lounged until my Jazz class.  My dance classes are killing me this semester.  I'm so sore, and I feel drained so drained after them.  I'm constantly stretching now so my muscles don't seize up!  But Jazz wasn't too bad today.  I'm getting a lot better at completing the warm up without having to stop.  It's very physically demanding and I get such a good work out from it!  Unfortunately I'm getting worse and worse at my pirouette's.  My teacher says I just think too hard about them, but I don't get how you can't think about it.  Every time I practice outside of class I always end up falling and smashing my body into the ground (I feel like I'm going to be getting some epic bruising soon.)  I'm really trying!  But for some reason this is just one thing I can't seem to get good at no matter how much I try, which really frustrates me because I refuse to fail at anything!
Eventually I'll get them, or at least I hope I do!

After Jazz I actually did something really fun!  Kenna and I met up with our new friend Sarah and we walked to The Grind.  It's the most adorable coffee shop/cafe ever!  Plus it's connected to a used book store called Brauns Books, which makes it all the better.  We spent forever just walking around the bookstore talking about books we've read and giving each other new books to put on our reading lists.  I eventually even caved in to buying a book called Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver.  She wrote two of my favorite books, Sarah said it was really good, and it was only five dollars so I just couldn't pass up the opportunity.  I'll write a review on it to let you know how it was as soon as I finish it.

After the bookstore I accompanied Kenna and Gratten to Art Insights where we listened to Grant Fuhst talk about his art work.  His speaking ability was very poor but I did enjoy looking at his art slide-show.  His work is very dark and a lot of it is just really creepy, but it had a certain Tim Burton feel that I liked a lot!

Then I went back to my dorm with the intention to study for my Music Theory quiz tomorrow, but ended up getting a text from Zac Trotter that siad he was saving me a seat at SUU Live (which is the new vaudeville.)  So instead of studying I went and watched my fellow Theatre Major's perform and had a great time (and don't worry mom, I'll be fine on the quiz tomorrow because I already know all the material.)

So that was my very interesting, yet fun day.

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