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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stupid Decisions

No, I'm not the one who made a stupid decision.  But I'm so angry with my suit-mate who for privacy shall be called Idiot!  So I feel like I need to vent blog-style.

Last night in the middle of the night Idiot came home from partying.  She came in extremely loud and woke me up, then proceeded to stop around the apartment.  She then came right up to where we were sleeping in the living room and woke us up to tell us exactly how mad she was.

She then told us this story:
She had been partying and drinking with used-to-be-Mormon and Flake (both of whom were my friends last year but have drifted away from us.)  They got pulled over while coming home, they were in her car, but she wasn't driving, used-to-be-Mormon was and he was also drunk.
- So here I am, absolutely exhausted and wishing I was still asleep, and now I'm completely pissed at Idiot.  First off she's underage and shouldn't be drinking anyway, and then she let used-to-be-Mormon drive while he was drunk.  She should have called me!  Yes, I would've been EXTREMELY angry, but it would still be so much better than having someone else who's drunk drive her car.

Then she told us the cop had no reason to pull them over and said he claimed that she had a tail light out.  Then he made them all take a breathalyzer test and gave them each a ticket.
- so what is going on in my head right now? "SERVES YOU RIGHT YOU RETARDED IDIOT!"

Then she told us that the cop made them call someone to come drive them home.  She called Mr. Jerk Wad, who is the boy she wants to date and can't realize that all he's been doing for the past year is lead her on and not care about her at all.  He uses her as a make-out buddy, and no matter how many times Rachel, Kenna, or I tell her that she refuses to listen.  Then they argue, and she cries herself to sleep, and then the next week it starts over.
- so as you can probably tell I don't really like Mr. Jerk Wad.  I actually don't mind him as a friend, but I hate how he acts with girls!  Now in my head I'm thinking "you are a complete moron."

Idiot then got teary eyed and said she was more upset about the look that Mr. Jerk Wad gave her instead of the $500 ticket she got!
- Now this is where I get very upset.  She got a $500 ticket for underage drinking, her parents are going to be furious, and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if her dad takes away her car and pulls her out of college.  This is going to go on her government record, she's going to have to put this on her job applications, her insurance is going to go up dramatically, and this will probably affect her for a very long time.  And she doesn't even care about any of that, she's more upset about the look some stupid boy gave her when he came and picked her up!!

Then Idiot said sorry for waking us up, and thank you for letting her vent.
-So what I want to say to her right now is how stupid I think she is and how she deserves what she got AND that she really needs to get over this jerk wad of a boy!  But what do I say instead?
"No problem!  I'm really sorry for what happened, that really sucks!"

So anyway since I had been so supportive last night I needed to express my true feelings in this post and now I feel much better.

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