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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wonderous Weekend

This weekend was pretty great!  It started out with me going to rehearsal for I Love You.  Elisa was at work so I actually got to sing during rehearsal.  Jerry, the musical director, said I did really good and I actually knew the part so it was awesome!  When I got out of rehearsal I was walking back to Eccles with Josh and suddenly a ton of fireworks went off.  It startled me so much that I yipped a little bit.  There was a big concert thing going on for Homecoming weekend so I dropped off my bag and went to meet Kenna and Gratten by the Aadams Theatre where it was at.

The concert wasn't too great and I ended up going to the Auditorium and I just sat and played the piano and sung in the Tap Studio.  It was pretty great.  Kenna and Gratten came and found me and we ended up deciding to walk to the Sig house to hang out.  On our way back it started pouring.  It wasn't even like a light drizzle or anything.  Just a sudden deluge of water!  We got soaked, so when we got back to the Sig house Gratten gave me and Kenna some basketball shorts and two matching Sigma Chi t-shirts.  The best thing about the t-shirts he gave us to wear is that they are the shirts me and Kenna make fun of the most.  The back says Having Fun since 1855, but the font they used made the v look more like a b.  So every time we see them we joke about Habing fun.

Friday night was a blast.  We got hungry and went to Walmart where we bought Pizza, Potato skins with cheese and bacon, and some pop.  We also found three awesome movies in the $5 bin and each bought one.  Gratten got Corpse Bride, Kenna got The Little Rascals, and I got Robots.  When we got back to the Sig house all the guys were having a conniption over cleaning for their luncheon the next day.  Gratten ended up washing all of their absolutely disgusting dishes while me and Kenna cooked the pizza.  I'm so glad I don't live with gross men, they're such slobs!  After they all finished cleaning we watched Corpse Bride.  We didn't even start it till 2 a.m. so we stayed up till about 4 in the morning.  Therefore it was pretty much a great night!

Saturday morning was awesome too.  Me and Kenna were too lazy to really do anything and we just ended up sitting around in Gratten's same clothes from the night before playing Zelda on our laptops and writing our bucket lists.  It was pretty much the best morning I've had since coming back to college this year!

That afternoon we ended up going to the tailgate party before the game so we could help Dave Weldon (one of Gratten's Sig brothers) paint his face. 
This was our finished product (and yes those are Gratten's matching shirts and shorts that we are still wearing... I honestly think we might have worn them for a whole 24 hours since we slept in them too.)  After we finished painting Dave's face we ended up painting another kids face (who's name I don't know,) and then we painted the back of Charley's head. 

Eventually a bunch of little kids came up with their dad and he asked if we would be willing to paint their faces.  So we spent about an hour just painting random people's faces for the football game that neither me or McKenna were actually attending.  The kids were so cute and it was way fun!  After that we had to go back to our apartment to wash off our arms because we had used them as pallets for the paint.  The red paint stained our skin, so while we were washing off our arms we were just laughing at how funny it's going to look for the peoples faces we had painted.  The inside of my arm looks almost like I was attacked and got grabbed really hard because of the random red stains.

Then Kenna and I took a trip to DI because we wanted to find some hipster clothes.  We ended up finding the two best dresses ever!  Kenna's was more like a grandma moo-moo but with a belt it looked so great!  My dress is forest green flower print and only $3, what a find!

When we got back home I finally showered, and then we played Zelda till Amber called us to have a sleepover.  When Amber came over we decided we wanted to go to Krave (which is the equivalent of YogoTogo.)  After the Krave we saw that the cupcake shop next to it was finally open.  We went to peek in the window just to see what it looked like and the manager ended up having us come inside to try a sample. 
Now the word sample here gives me pause.  My first thought is a cupcake cut into fourths or something.
No we were given WHOLE cupcakes.  All three of us got a free WHOLE cupcake!  How cool is that?!?!

Anyway the cupcakes were delicious but so sweet that after eating half we felt as if we couldn't finish it.  After the cupcakes we went back to out apartment and got a call from Nicky asking if we wanted to walk to Maverick with him.  So we walked to Maverick wrapped in blankets and in mine and Kenna's case our huge poofy comforters.  It was way fun and we all looked like the biggest group of goobs ever!

After that Amer, Kenna and I went to sleep.  We were all so tired! 

This morning we all got ready for church together (me and Kenna wore our dresses from DI) and we walked to church with our roommate Kadi.  And so far that has been my weekend.

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