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Friday, November 4, 2011

Potential Job

I might have a potential job lined up for next semester!  I'm going to talk to an Art Department advisor today about possibly being one of the draped models for the art students.  In my opinion it is the perfect job!  All I would have to do is sit relatively still while people draw me.  And while I'm sitting there I wouldn't have to concentrate on anything specific like bagging groceries, or pressing the 'go' button on a light board.  I'd be able to think about anything I wanted!  I could reminisce about life, or memorize lines or a monologue, or I could even just play music in my head (maybe even listen to music!)

From what I've been told so far the draped models get paid $10 an hour and the un-draped get paid $14 an hour.  I think $10 an hour is great pay!  I really hope this works out, because then I'd have some source of income and instead of having to work 6 hours a day 5 days a week all I'd have to do is go sit in a classroom every once in a while.

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