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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today I took a wonderful trip to Brauns Books, which is the cutest used book store I've ever been to.  It's here in Cedar City connected to a coffee shop called The Grind, which is the cutest little coffee shop I've ever seen!  Then again I've hardly ever seen any coffee shops...

Anyway I got three books for only $9!!!!  I even got a couple that were on my list of books I wanted to purchase.

I got Becoming Naomi Leon by Pan Munoz Ryan for $2.50, and The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau for $3.00, and then I got After by Amy Efaw for $4.50.  And yes if you can do basic math you will realize that these numbers add up to $10 not $9 like I said, but I got a 10% student discount which took off a dollar!  How awesome is that!?!? Three books for only $9!

I know After wasn't on my list of books I wanted to get but the cover caught my eye and after reading the back I was intrigued so I decided to buy it too.  Now I have to go update my Book Wish List.

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