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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Girlie Girl

I've never been the Girlie Girl type, I was always the biggest Tom Boy!  I preferred playing backyard football with the guys of the neighborhood than playing house with the girls.  I'm still like that today!  In High School if I had a choice of going to the Mall with Makayla or playing football with my boys I always chose football.

I admit that in Junior High and High School I dabbled in the art of being a girl.  I tried out make up and jewelry and keeping a Diary (all of which failed!)  I learned that I hated wearing make up (not only because it took so long but because it gave me zits and it felt like I was lathering mud on my face), wearing jewelry was a hastle (I just always just seemed to forget to put it on in the mornings), and I didn't have anything interesting to write in a Diary except "I like Mike Gallacher," which isn't very juicy at all for a Diary.

So I've stayed Tom Boy-ish all my life, and I love it!  If I could do anything I wanted without the world judging me I would wear basketball shorts and T-shirts everyday.  But alas, the worlds image of a beautiful woman is
This... Hello Kim Kardashian.

Unfortunately I do not look like this, or have the money for clothes like that.  So I compromise and instead I wear skinny jeans (those are 'in' right?) and of course I could never give up my t-shirt fetish completely, so I still wear them, just with my skinny jeans instead of basketball shorts.  I do have some really adorable shirts though!  I wear my nice shirts to class and other times when I feel the need to impress people, but I just think t-shirts are so much more comfortable though!  As they say "Beauty is pain" (or in my case less comfortable, not necessarily pain.)

But lately I have taken a liking to make up and jewelry (still not a diary though... I guess this blog comes as close as I can get to anything like that.)  And these new likings to being more of a girl all come from my recent hair cut, which to me seems very ironic since I cut my hair really short like a guys.  I've recently learned though that I look great with make up and earrings!  I guess I just never noticed before because my extremely bushy hair was very distracting.  Don't get me wrong though, I LOVED my hair!  I just felt like a change though so I chopped it all off.

So it took me getting boyish hair to actually start wearing make up and jewelry.  Strange, right?  Anyway I'm sure that this will probably only last at the most a couple months, and then I'll get sick of doing make up everyday and my new earrings will get boring.

I don't really have much else to say in this post (except maybe that I'm still a HUGE Tom Boy, I just don't look it as much anymore.)  I mainly just wanted to point out the irony of my life lately... so The End.

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