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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

I've recently realized that my guilty pleasures are very unusual for a person of my age of the female population.  The norm, obviously, being chocolate, bacon, shopping, Dr.Pepper (or whatever soda you're addicted to), Jersey Shore (or whatever other ridiculous television show makes you feel better about your own life), trashy celebrity gossip magazines, shoe shopping (because apparently it's a completely different endeavor than regular shopping which is listed above) et cetera et cetera.  So clearly there must be something wrong with my girl capabilities because none of these fall into my guilty pleasure list.  I mean I must admit that I love chocolate, bacon, and Dr. Pepper as much as anyone else, but they aren't guilty pleasures, they are just pure and simple pleasures for me!

So here is my guilty pleasure list:

#1: Homestar Runner!  Shocking I know, but seriously it's probably the most fantastic website I've ever been on.  It has the capability to keep me entertained and laughing for hours!  Especially Teen Girl Squad and Strong Bad Emails and I mean come on who doesn't love Trogdor?!

#2: Really ugly sweaters.  I love wearing baggy, frumpy, horrendous looking sweaters in the winter.  Anyone who knew me at school last year can vouch for this because that's pretty much all I ever wore.

#3: My hobo boots.  I have a pair of snow boots that I found at the D.I. last year that I have completely fallen in love with.  I wear them whenever I get the chance.  They are so big and clumpy looking that I just look so funny when I wear them, but they are also the greatest things that have ever graced my feet.  I even wear them during the summer.  It's a serious problem.

#4: Working my body so hard that I feel physically ill.  Lately I've been going to the gym a lot and I've been doing a lot of weight training.  Sometimes I enjoy working so hard without breaks that I feel like I'm going to vomit.  It just gives me this overwhelming feeling of achievement. 

#5: My superhero fantasies.  Sometimes when I am in a frustrating situation I imagine that I have superpowers and I can do anything I want.  Like vaporize the incredibly annoying person talking to me, or mind control the absolutely beautiful girl talking to the guy I like into saying something completely embarrassing and irrevocable, or even hulking it up and beating everyone that crosses me into a pulp.

#6: My future wedding plans.  Yes some of you will try to argue that this is something that all girls obsess over, but first let me explain before you start putting me into the "normal girl" category.  I sometimes like to imagine my wedding themes in the not so normal way.  Like a Marvel themed wedding (me and my husband would be dressed as Marvel characters and all the decor would be superhero themed and we would get an emergency call at the end of the reception to go fight crime in whatever place we were honey mooning and we'd rush off in our tricked out super car to go save the day), or an Avatar wedding (as in Avatar the last airbender not the blue space people), and obviously a HP wedding (because seriously Harry Potter is the greatest thing on planet earth.)

#7: Being cooler than everyone else.  No explanation needed.

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