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Monday, July 16, 2012

Fun Facts

Today I decided to make a list of me related facts.

Fact number one: I have two fake teeth
This is a picture of the screw that is in my jaw that one of the fake teeth is planted on.

Fact numero two: my favorite theatre character that I have ever done was actually not even an actual part.  It was just a costume that I got to randomly pick out during a Musical Revue for the song "Show People."  I was pregnant, had a baby taped to my chest, and was smoking.  
And the mother of the year award goes to (drum roll) ME!

Fact number three: My longest relationship was with my very first boyfriend Garrett.  It lasted two and a half years and ended very badly for both of us.  But we've grown up since then and now we're on good terms with each other.  Hooray for maturing!
This would be Mr. Stud Muffin working on his mothers car.

Fact four: Once upon a time I spooned with Zefron.
He was a cardboard cutout of Troy Bolton from High School Musical, and I was a lonely college girl, one thing led to another and here we are.

Fact six minus one: I own a dirt bike.
And I can actually ride it too!  I also enjoy rock climbing, long boarding, and skiing in case there are any men out there looking for a girl who is single and fun. 

Side-note: I think I might mention the fact that
I'm single on this blog way too much.  I mean come
on girl, desperate much? *uncomfortable chuckle*
. . . yeah, maybe a little bit. . .

Fact actual six: I own a pair of footy pajama's.
The only problem is they have two left feet... which probably explains why there were at the D.I. in the first place.

Fact number seven: I used to have long hair, as you can all see from the previous pictures, but now I have short hair.
This is actually the very first picture I ever took with my short hair.  Pretty right?  Also that's one of my best friends McKenna.  She's eating raw cookie dough because we do that sometimes.
This is my even shorter hair and my other best friend Maddie, along with McKenna again.

Side-note #2: if you ever see the three of us looking at
you like this you are probably going to die really soon.

Fact # (number sign) 8 (eight): I am a kid at heart and I enjoy doing very childish things.
Including, but not limited to: making my own cardboard armor and wearing it in public, building blanket forts, playing lava tag, wearing tin foil fats around campus to ward away aliens, fighting with lightsabers or Nerf swords (and winning said fights), refusing to wear shoes outside, finger painting, tree climbing, fence climbing, school climbing (which is where you climb on top of an elementary school in Cedar City because you can), coloring, stalking people around campus and pretending they can't see you when you know they can, spontaneously busting into ninja moves to destroy the bad guys (or just the stupid fruit fly buzzing around), accepting double dog dares, eating candy for dinner, pretending to be a zombie, and going on quests to find Narnia (which was eventually found in the bush below.)

FACT NEIN! *ahem* I mean nine: I have a secret desire to be a model.
But alas, I am too short; and anyway models are snotty jerks who think they're better than everyone else so whatever!

Fact # 10:  I once dated a frat guy!
"What's with the sombrero picture?" you may ask.  Well the frat guy I dated was Mexican so I felt like it was fitting.  Okay, fine, he was only half Mexican, and even then he was pretty much as white as they come (I mean personality wise.)
And here he is now, the man of the hour with me slung over his shoulder.  Hello Gratten!  How's it been going since you preemptively dumped me?  No, don't worry, I'm completely over it!

Side-note #3: I really am over it.  And Gratten if you are
reading this, which is a possibility since I do post these on
facebook, I just want you to know that I think you are a
wonderful person and I miss your long face!

Fact eleven: I love snakes!  So much that sometimes I just let them slither all over me during "Th Big Bang Theory" marathons.
I want a pet snake really bad, but unfortunately my parents STRONGLY disapprove of them.

Fact eleven point two: I love haunted houses!
Especially the ones where you can pay extra to wear a glow stick necklace that allows the actors to actually touch you and drag you around the rooms.

Fact 11.8: I thoroughly enjoy shooting guns.
And I'm actually quite decent at hitting clay pigeons.

Fact number twelve: Fall is my favorite season.
Reasons: It's not freezing cold but it's chilly enough that I can wear my chunky ugly sweaters.  It's not blazing hot like in the summer where you can't even will yourself to step outside of your air conditioned house.  Also it's just absolutely beautiful!

13: I have an inner cowgirl that desperately wants to exist on the outside too.
It's causing me to question my parents choice to live in good ol' K-town instead of Winnemucca, Nevada.

Fact numero fourteen: I'm tired so I'm going to end this post here so I can go dream of wonderful things.

Very last side-note: the wonderful things I am about 
to dream of probably involve a giant apple pie, a Pikachu,
Link, a french llama, an ostrich, and possibly a cute boy.
I mean definitely a cute boy because I already said Link
was going to be there, but also possibly another cute boy.

The end.

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