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Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Perfect World

Sometimes I fantasize about how I wish my life was instead of how it is.  Not that I have a bad life, because I in fact have a great life!  There are just things that I would love to make improvements on.

The first thing I would change is my job.  Now I don't have a bad or boring job, I actually really like the people I work with, I just don't particularly like working.  So instead I would get paid to read and work out, because then I would be super motivated to exercise so I'd probably be super fit.  And I'd also be rich by now because I read all the time!

Second I would want to be able to recharge myself like a phone or a computer.  Just plug myself into a wall while working on homework or watching a movie and then I'd be completely recharged.  No need for sleep which would give me more hours in a day (alright, technically I know it wouldn't literally give me more hours in a day because that's impossible but it would give me more awake hours in a day) so that I could accomplish more.  I still absolutely love sleeping though so I would also still be able to choose the pleasure of actually sleeping if I wanted to.  It would just be really nice to not have to sleep sometimes, especially during finals week or homework all nighters.  Or even just to stay up and play with friends all night.

Also teleportation!  If I could teleport my life would be amazing!  I could come home to visit my parents anytime I wanted, or go visit my friends during the summer.  Plus I could travel anywhere for free!  I could go to Rome and walk around the Pantheon anytime I wanted.  And I could go to Amsterdam, Paris, China, Italy, Taiwan, Australia, Tokyo, London, and obviously New York City whenever I felt like it.  Plus if I was like Nightcrawler then I could teleport people with me so I could bring people on my many adventures!

Next I would love it if I had my own personal chef.  His name would be Chef Chef and he would cook all of my meals for me and they would taste absolutely delicious, have perfect portion control,  and be ready whenever I became hungry.  He would also be able to tell beforehand whether I was craving Mexican, Italian, or American food (or whatever other food I might crave) and he would have that food craving prepared.  Also he would be a robot so I wouldn't have to pay him and I also wouldn't feel guilty about having someone cook all my meals for me.

Fifth I would have a motorcycle.  Even though I would be capable of teleporting in this perfect world I would still like to have a mode of transportation and I would want that mode of transportation to be a motorcycle, a Honda Rebel to be exact.  It's smaller with the seat lower to the ground, which would be perfect for my 5'3" height.  It's also low weight compared to a ton of other motorcycles, which would be perfect for my small frame.  And it also doesn't have a ton of power behind it, which means being a very small person I would actually be able to control it!  (Daddy if you're reading this you can clearly see that I've been doing my homework on motorcycle's and maybe someday you will maybe possibly let me get a Honda Rebel... maybe.)

Next on my list of perfect world stuff I would make it so sickness and brokenness never occur.  Because then you would never have to cancel any fun plans because you were vomiting, or you would never have to worry about understudies maliciously pushing you down a flight of stairs and breaking your legs because you're legs would be unbreakable!

I would also want to be able to read people like open books.  Mostly because I am absolutely horrible at getting a read on people, and I'm never entirely sure of people's intentions and it would just be really great to be able to know that right up front.  Also it would just be great to always know when people are lying to me!

Eighth (for those of you keeping track) bacon would be healthy.

Now for some girly things:  Shopping would be easier!  I would be able to find everything I could ever want in my size in one cheap store.  Instead of reality where every time I go shopping I only find a couple things I like and approximately 67 things I would never wear and those couple things I do like aren't as cheap as I would like them to be.  Also decorating would be as simple as searching the Internet for the definition to incorrigible.  I would simply be able to type in some letters and then have a super cute decorated college room instead of having to take the time to go to stores and pick out different things and find different inspiring quotes or print out different pictures to paste onto cute boards with cute ribbons or whatever.  Decorating is hard!  It would also be nice to never need makeup.  I hardly ever wear makeup anyway and it would just be so nice to have super long luscious eyelashes without having to glob on mascara.  And it'd be great to always have shiny pink lips without needed lip gloss or lipstick.

And now for a list of theatre related perfections I want:
     1.  Life would be like a musical
"Go away you threaten me!"

     2.  My hair would be capable of growing at will so I could keep my wonderful short hair when I wasn't in shows but I would be able to grow it out overnight for any auditions or parts that I was cast in.
     3.  I would be capable of dancing like every person who has ever been in the top 20 of So You Think You Can Dance
     4.  I would have the range and be capable of singing like Barbara Streisand.

And so far that is my perfect world.  I'm sure if I sat here long enough I could come up with a ton of things to add, but this should be good for now.

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