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Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Poem for You

There is a talent that you possess
That most tongues lack; consider yourself blessed.
You seduce with words, proof of a brilliant mind,
And a boy with a brain is hard to find.
With every word that your soft lips utter
My heart begins to frantically flutter.
Your alluring alliteration causes me to forget to breathe;
Many memories with you I'd like to weave.
I seep with excitement for that awaited date
To finally see if I will be a part of your fate.
For my dear Peter Pan you truly are,
But am I really your Wendy, will we fly past that star?

I pray that we do for the plans I have in mind
Are meant to be shared with you: my one of a kind.
A dance across the blackened street;
A secret place where we could meet.
A blanket fort spread across the room;
Avoiding the ground to escape lava induced doom.
A Disney marathon, and a trip to the zoo,
All these things I desire to do with you.

So you see, my dearest Peter,
I believe that nothing could be sweeter
Than getting to know you more
And allowing my heart to soar.
Your Wendy waits humbly for the time drawing nigh
that you will finally teach her to fight and to fly.
Then maybe someday we'll fly through the night
far and beyond that second star to the right.

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