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I'm not saying that everything is survivable, just that everything except the last thing is.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This is a Blog Post

This is a word:

This is a line:

This is a pokemon:

This is a book that everyone should read:

This is some advice:
Use your words!

This is a list that will only make sense to me:
Golf Cart
Captain America
Peter Pan

This is a confession:
I am a hardcore nerdfighter!

This is my favorite fruit:

This is my current song:

This is a picture that describes my addiction to pie:

This is a color that I love:

This is something I really want to say to someone:
"If you upset her one more time I am going to make this upcoming school year a world of pain for you!"

This is something else I want to say to a day, not a person:
"Please get here sooner!"

This is a thought:
I thoroughly enjoy school and am scared for the day that it's officially over.

And this is a poem that someone wrote for me:


What children know and wise men teach,
You have already in your reach.
Free of fear, you are no more
Than what you've hoped ans waited for:
Yourself! So singular and true.
You see Amanda, you are YOU.
While others strive to emulate,
You simply live and emanate.

So dance and sing, and laugh aloud
For all that's yours you should be proud.
The beauty in that purest face
And tongue that's quick and full of grace.
A willingness to play and smile,
Yet not afraid to toil a while.

The gentlest gift that you possess
Is how you often treat the rest.
One by one, others you accept
To pardon and love you are adept.
So thank you, 'Wendy', for you see
My happy thought is: YOU like ME.

And this is the end.