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Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Room

I'm pretty sure I have insomnia, either that or I just don't enjoy sleep.  I can't be too sure which one it is.  All I know is that I sometimes lay in bed for hours trying to fall asleep but simply cannot accomplish that one thing.  So here I am.

I wasn't entirely sure what to write, so I've decided to introduce you to my room.  First and foremost my room is painted yellow.  Second it's not bright electric yellow, just a nice happy light yellow.  First I will introduce you to all the normal things in my room.  Like my dresser, for instance.  I have a black dresser with a mirror attached to it and a matching black bedside stand.  I also have a white bookshelf that holds all my books that I didn't take to college, and then under my bed I have a large box full of the books that I took to college but can't put back on my bookshelf because there is literally no room.  As you can probably imagine, I love books.

Some other normal things would include a closet full of clothes, shoes, and lots of empty hangers.  A clock, pictures, a bed...

But now comes the fun part!  I'm going to tell you about the stuff that makes my room special to me. On top of my bookshelf there are a lot of items that I've gathered over the years.  I have my softball twos:  two trophies, two medals, and two game balls (one is even from the championship game that I broke my leg during.)  Then I have a bottle full of water with a cork in it, and next to that is a small container of the same water with the word Talented written on it.  Both of these are from my High School Production class.  Along with those I have a miniature tea set that my grandma bought me.  She's given me many mini tea sets over the years, lots of them are themed for holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Easter, but this specific one that I have displayed is covered with Fairies.  I'm not particularly fond of fairies or anything, but something about this mini tea set is so beautiful that I keep it on my bookshelf instead of in a box with the others.  Then there is my chime box (yes, chime box, not music box.)  It is a medium sized box that contains three metal circular disks suspended on three bars with a multitude of small metal balls inside.  These metal balls stick to the roof of the box when you tip it upside down and then when you tip it right side up again they slowly fall onto the circular disks making a very lovely chiming sound.  There are also some random glass bottles on top of my shelf as well.  I'm not sure why, they just take up space and they're not really important to me in any way.  They've just managed to find there way up there over the years and I've never removed them.

Now onto my dresser:  first I have a bunch of dries roses in a vase.  Two yellow roses are from my sophomore year of High School, given to me on valentines day by a kid named Matthew.  Two red roses are from my Senior year of High School, given to me again on valentines day, but this time by Garrett.  Two different red roses were gifts from directors after two different shows in college.  And the last two pink roses were sent in a flower arrangement by my father when I was down at school with the purpose to life my spirits after a tough week.  Next there is my file box.  It contains a ton of theatre papers from monologues to entire shows.  It also has a bunch of random things like key chains and lighters in the top drawer as well.  I'm not really sure why that stuff is in there, but it is.

Next to my dresser hangs my hat collection.  Yes, I have a hat collection.  And those hats range from a cowboy hat to baseball caps, a multicolored patch fedora to a blue crocheted baret, a wide brim sun hat to a couple of beanies plus a couple more.  My hats are not the only things hanging on my wall.  I also have an inspirational quote that says "Shoot for the moon!  Even if you miss... you'll land among the stars."  Then I have a beautiful black and white picture of Jesus Christ surrounded by children that was given to me by my mom after I told her I wanted a picture of Jesus smiling because I didn't like all the other pictures where he's always so stoic.  Then on the opposite wall I have a red felt canvas with a painting of a ship on it.  I found this particular art piece at Savers and just couldn't pass it up.

As you can clearly see it is a magnificent ship that deserves to be on my wall!

I also have a mask from my Maui trip hanging on my wall, along with a painting of my name done in animals and flowers, and a picture by James Christensen entitled 'A Place of Her Own' which I am very fond of.

My room not only holds a collection of hats, but it holds a very important collection of stuffed animals.  I love stuffed animals!  My most favorite of all time is Simba though (I actually have two stuffed Simba's but the old worn out one is by far my most favorite.)  I also have a sock monkey named Dexter, an elephant named Monroe, a Tiger named Kenneth, a bear named Theo, a duck named Lawrence, and a small baby doll in a giraffe outfit named Genoveve.  And technically, yes, the baby doll isn't a stuffed animal but she's still important to me!

Clothes and shoes are not the only things that inhabit my closet.  I also have a few very important things in there as well.  One of them is a stage weight that I may, or may not have, stolen from somewhere... let's not get into that though.  I also have a collection of play bills from all the many shows I've been to over the years.  Then I have my ukulele in there along with a couple purses that I never use.  And then there is my very important Betty Boop lunch box which holds my very important stuff that cannot be disclosed in this blog post.

I also have an entire dresser drawer that contains a bunch of letters, cards, and notes that I've received over the years.  And despite what you may think most of them are just birthday cards, not secret love notes.  Although I do have a couple of those... along with some poems that were written for me.  One that is even very good as well, and very special to me.  And as much to your dismay I am not going to share who wrote that poem or what it said, sorry.

There is also a keyboard in my room.  Which rocks!

And that is my room.


  1. I may or may not have to rummage through a drawer in your room containing secret love notes.... :)

    Your Mother

  2. I wrote that poem... And yes I'm creeping on your blog today...

  3. Dear Mother, I'd be happy to show them to you.
    Dear Anonymous, you have the potential to be two different people, unfortunately I don't know which one you are. So yes, it may have been your poem, and it also might not have. If your LAST name starts with a C then it is your poem, and if your FIRST name starts with a C then no it is not your poem.

  4. Dear Anonymous (again), ALSO if your name is Maddie then I was not talking about your poem because that one isn't in my drawer at the moment. BUT it is saved on my computer and I will now be printing it out and putting it in my drawer because I love it so much!