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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dear Individuals

As usual I was scrolling through facebook trying to figure out what to write, when I realized that there are a lot of people that I would like to say something to.  So I decided to scroll through my friends and say something to you guys in this post.  I would have actually posted it on your facebook page, but this way was just so much easier, and I also am curious to see how many of you will actually read this.

To begin I am going to start with my Mom (because I know you will read this):  I love you!  Thank you for always being supportive and understanding.  You have helped me through so much in my life and I'm so happy that you are my mother.  I love you to the moon and back and a million red M&M's.

Dad:  I don't know if you actually read my blog, or just the posts that mom suggests to you, but I know she's going to have you read this.  I love you!  Thank you for putting up with my boy craziness, I know you don't particularly enjoy hearing about my love life but thanks for not at least covering your ears and running away every time I do talk about it.  You're the best Daddy in the world, and one day I'm going to get you a mug that says it!

McKenna:  I miss you!  My room is desperately lonely without someone to talk to before I fall asleep at night.  I don't really have anything else to say except "I just get really patriotic at night.  Oh say can you see..."

Maddie and Carly:  We are pretty much the three theatre amigos and I require us to have more late nights talks in the mountains next year!

Seku, Justen, Caleb, McKay, Brandon, Matt, and Garrett:  High school was great because of you guys.  I'm so proud of all of you for being on missions right now.  I love you all and miss you so much! (Cecily and Brooke this all applies to you two as well, except for the mission part)

Emalee: Best counterpart ever!

My other mothers (Leslie, Deanne, Kim, Karen, and Stephanie):  Thank you for all being such good examples for me!  

Brie, Jane, Sarah, Natalie, Selena, and Shelly:  All of you are super awesome and I really hope I get to know you guys better next year.

Brogan:  You are so entertaining, why did we never hang out?

Jessica:  I'm sorry we never kept in touch after High School like we said we would.  I hope USU is treating you well!

Napsugar:  I admire your confidence in yourself, I wish we both didn't have crazy schedules so that we could have hung out more.

Naomi:  Thank you for understanding!  I miss you.

Mitch, Davis, and Micaela:  You guys are the best fake cousins anyone could ever ask for!

Tatem, MacKenzie, Kaitlin, and Elisa:  I want to thank all three of you for being so amazing and kind.  Thanks for all the support and help you've given me!

Marco:  Your teeth really are fantastic, and I apologize if my saying that made you uncomfortable.  I just have this weird thing about teeth...

Jessica/Rosalind:  I am so excited to work with you!

Emma:  I'm so sorry for everything that happened between us, but I'm happy that in the end we worked it all out.  I admire you very much and I hope that you have an absolutely wonderful time at the U.

Karina:  Remember when you put that note in my backpack?  I truly needed a boost that day and you did exactly that.  Thank you so much for being amazing, and for making me laugh!

Frank:  I am officially admitting that your coloring was a lot better than mine.  You clearly won the competition, I was just too prideful to say so.

Tiffani:  I'm so happy that you made Productions!  I can't wait to come see you in The Phantom next year!

Adam:  Congrats on Jamaica!

Tony:  I am personally requesting that we watch Peter Pan together when we get back to school; Yea or Nay?

Nathaniel:  Nigel, our killer rubber duck, misses you.  Just thought you should know.

Samantha:  After our callback for Beth I gave up on wanting the part.  I knew you would get it because your voice is simply beautiful, and I honestly wanted you to get it over myself!  I'm so happy we both made it into the BFA and I really hope we get to know each other better next year!

Redge:  I'm so happy I know you and that you don't hate me.  At least I think you don't hate me, I could be wrong.

Durf Turf:  I bet you won't read this because you don't seem the type to take time out of your day to read someone else's thoughts on a blog, but all I wanted to say is that our Elementary School trip was awesome!

Mandy, Rachel, Sharlie, Sharlene, Abby, Molly, McKenzie, Kaylee, and Kiery:  I miss you girlies and I request a lunch date.

Nic:  Thank you!

Zac:  I don't think you understand how much you've helped me these past two years, but I want to thank you for all that you've done!

Floor buddies (you know who you are):  Thanks for an awesome year!

Andra and Kristin:  Thank you for loving the performing arts as much as you do and thank you for teaching me that love as well!

Ethan:  I'm sorry.

Brian:  I can't believe you won't be at SUU next year, it makes me unbelievably sad!  I will miss you dearly!

Kasey and Brock:  I can't believe that my two best friends from elementary are on missions.  I'm so proud of you both!

Katie:  I'm going to miss my across the street little sister!

My dear little brother Taylor:  You're not allowed to grow up anymore!  You can go to college, but that is it!  After that you are required to stay the same age forever because I don't think I can handle not seeing you for two whole years.  I miss you when I'm at school and I love you!

Jesse:  It would be strange if you were reading my blog, don't get me wrong I'd be honored!  But I just think you probably have a lot better things to do then reading a random fan's blog.  Now what I have to say; I love your music.  That is all.

Brandon:  Please keep being adorable, you and Emalee make rehearsal so much fun!

Jeannette and Stephanie:  You two crack me up!

And that is pretty much everything I have to say.  I really hope at least some of you read this.


  1. I miss you too Amanda!!!! (ps this is McKenna)

  2. I came to investigate and wasn't even mentioned... I feel slightly unloved...

  3. Hahaha same here other Anonymous! I always suspected I was invisible ;)

  4. Sorry I didn't mention everyone, I'm sure that I have something to say to both of you. Unfortunately you are both anonymous and I don't know who you are.