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Monday, May 28, 2012


My pineapple rant made me very hungry for pineapple so I bought one!

Anyway, on to my actual topic: I apologize in advanced to anyone I embarrass or offend in this post, I'm not trying to do it, I'm simply going to be talking about some of my most favorite and least favorite memories in my life so far.

First I'm going to start with all my favorite memories...

2nd Grade Love Story:  when I was in 2nd grade I had a good friend named Tanner and we were in love.  Well as in love as two 2nd graders could be.  One day in class we were getting ready to go to our story circle where our teacher would read us a book.  Then I noticed a bunch of the kids surrounding Tanner looking at a picture he colored.  So I obviously was curious and this is roughly what I saw...
Unfortunately, in my 2nd grade mind I didn't find this romantic at all.  I was so embarrassed!  Even to the point of tears.  So I cried, and cried, and cried.  Sadly, I didn't stop.  I cried so much that our teacher took me to the office where my mom was called to come pick me up.  The reason this is one of my favorite memories is because it's so funny now.  At the time of the incident it wasn't funny, but now it just cracks me up!

Thanksgivings:  my absolute favorite holiday of all time is Thanksgiving.  Yes, it may be weird to those of you who believe that the holidays where you receive presents are the best holidays, but I'd rather spend time with my family any day!  Thanksgivings for the Dayton family is intense.  Our whole extended family gets together and we pig out along with a bunch of other fun stuff.  My extended family on my Dad's side can be a little crazy sometimes, so much that we've scared off potential fiance's before.  But in my eyes that's a good thing!  Natural selection and all that, you know?  Only the strongest can be taken into our family (so naturally I am terrified to ever bring guys I date to our family get togethers.)  
My most favorite memory from our many family Thanksgivings actually happens to be from last Thanksgiving in California.  We were staying at my Aunt and Uncles house and all the kids were spread out downstairs on air mattresses.  In the middle of the night my brother Taylor, and cousins Sydnie, and Landon decided to play a joke of Blake who had fallen asleep earlier.  So we picked up her mattress with her still on it and carried it into the kitchen.  Luckily she's a very heavy sleeper.  We did think about carrying her outside, but then we realized that she could be eaten by a wild dog so we didn't.  Instead we just put food all around her bed and left her in the kitchen.  There were lots of other good moments during that Thanksgiving.  Including an awesome football game, watching my Grandparents play Just Dance on the Kinnect, eating loads of food, and going to Six Flags!

The Golf Cart Incident:  now this memory is one of my most favorite memories from High School simply because I find it so hilarious!  One day I was hanging out with my best friends Garrett, Justen, Seku, Caleb, and Brandon.  We were at Caleb's farm and we were playing around with his family's golf cart.  And for those of you who don't know, golf carts are really fast and powerful.  Anyway I was standing near a tree with Justen and Garrett while Seku and Caleb were in the golf cart with Brandon who was driving.  Now being the typical boys they are they were being extremely unsafe.  Taking really sharp turns, pretending to run over us but turning at the last second, and so on.  Then Caleb got an ingenious idea and decided to jump out of the moving cart, so he did just that.  And then Seku decided to follow his lead.  But the most genius move came from the driver Brandon.  He turned the golf cart so it was heading towards Garrett, Justen, and I and then he proceeded to jump out of the golf cart as well.
So now we had a very fastly moving golf cart headed right towards us, so what did we instinctively do?  We moved out of the way.  Garrett and Justen moved to the right and I moved off to the left, and IF the golf cart had kept going straight it would've gone right between us.  But alas the cart did not want to go straight, instead it veered and hit me instead.  I was smashed by the out of control golf cart and rolled up onto the hood.  I should also mention that this golf cart was headed directly towards the giant tree that was behind me.  Luckily I managed to roll off the side of the cart right before I was smashed between the tree trunk and the golf cart.
Now some of you may be wondering why this very painful experience is one of my favorites and here is the reason; as soon as I hit the ground chaos broke out.  Brandon was apologizing over and over while Garrett was screaming at him.  Caleb was trying to make sure I was alright at the same time he was trying to make sure the golf cart and tree didn't inflict too much damage upon one another.  Justen rushed over to me and began asking over and over if I needed to go to the hospital.  And Seku stood shocked off to one side not knowing what to do with himself.  During this whole entire time I was simply laughing my head off rolling around on the ground.  Which didn't help the fact that they all thought I had brain damage.  The rest of the night they kept telling me not to fall asleep and asking me random questions to make sure I wasn't having memory loss.  Which was a very nice gesture since I had hit my head extremely hard against the golf cart.  The next day I woke up with so many cuts and bruises.  I think those were some of the best battle wounds I have ever had.

Lunchable Date:  in High School I was dating a kid named Garrett.  One afternoon he asked if I would like to go on a date with him so I agreed.  It wasn't planned and when he picked me up I had no idea what we were going to do.  We then drove to Smiths and bought Lunchables and Arizona's which we took up to our favorite spot in the mountains.  We then climbed on top of his Geo and had a picnic and talked.  That date was the best date I've ever been on.

The Man Cave:  this is another good memory from High School.  My friend Brandon had a crawl space under his house that we tricked out.  We took apart some small sofa's and reassembled them down there and stuffed a couple bean bags and some chairs in that little room.  We hooked up a mini television and covered up the mold covered walls with old blankets and clothes.  We then stocked it with soda and put a stolen Davis Applied Technology College sign in it.  We called it the Man Cave, which seemed only fair since I was the only girl in that entire group of friends and they all just thought of me as one of the guys.  We spent so much time down there playing Halo, or having 24 or The Office marathons.  Sometimes I still wonder if that mold was toxic because we would all be so loopy after spending over 18 hours down there after each marathon weekend.  

My Goodbye:  the day before I was supposed to leave for college my good friend Seku got baptized.  It was such an emotional day for all of us!  His best friend Justen performed the baptism and then we all hung out for the rest of that day.  Most of that day I spent in tears.  I was so sad that I was going to be leaving all of my great High School friends to go off to SUU.  We played our very last game of tag that night and then I said goodbye to everyone.  I cried and hugged all of them goodbye and surprisingly none of them made fun of me for crying.  It was a really sad night, but I'm glad I got to have that last good night with them before our group broke apart to all the different places we are in now.

Stories Shared in Juni:  during my first year of college I made a really good friend named Gratten, who I eventually started to date.  But one night before we ever starting dating each other we stayed up really late talking in my hall in Juniper.  We talked for hours that night about so many different things.  We told funny stories about all our past relationships (and when I say all our past relationships I mean my ONLY past relationship and his 7 or 8 past relationships.)  We told stories about our families, our friends, and our pasts.  We talked about what we wanted to do in the future.  We talked for so long and got to know each other so well.  It was such a great night, and one of my many cherished memories from Juniper!

The Night of the Stolen Trees:  one night in Juniper McKenna, Gratten, Nick, and I decided to pull an all nighter.  And that night turned out to be a pretty epic night!  We ended up stealing all the fake trees that were placed throughout Juniper and we stored them in McKenna's room.  We turned the room into a forest and then watched a movie in there.  Later that night once most everyone was already asleep we decided to go put all of the trees in front of one of our R.A's doors.  So we carried each tree and placed them all in front of Jayson's door on the C200 hall.  Unfortunately after that Nick went to sleep so we lost one of our buddies, but that didn't stop us!  McKenna, Gratten, and I then took a walk to Maverick where we bought ice cream and caffeine to keep us awake.  Then when we got back to Juni we filmed a stop motion video and attempted to keep ourselves awake by telling stories in McKenna's room.  By then it was about 6 in the morning, which is when we finally gave up and all passed out.  That was another really good night in Juniper!

Night Walk:  Towards the end of last Semester I made a really good friend.  That friend's name is Josh.  One night after we had been hanging out with a bunch of theatre people playing Body Body Body we ended up going on a walk and talking.  Without even realizing it we walked around campus and talked until about 5 in the morning.  We actually had some very meaningful conversations interspersed with randomness.  It was a great night and I'm really glad that I made a good friend who I could talk to about important things.

The Games:  The last memory I have to share with you happened at the end of this last semester. I was studying for my History Final and was stressing out pretty bad when I got this phone call from Maddie.  She asked what I was doing and then told me to come downstairs, so I did.  That is when I found this note taped to the glass door of my building...
We had gone to see The Hunger Games together earlier that semester and we both loved the books.  So obviously I was excited.  I ran back upstairs to procure some good shoes and then ran back downstairs to find the cornucopia.  What I found was a bucket filled with water that contained a bunch of water balloons and three water guns.  I picked up the orange one because it is my favorite color and I grabbed a couple water balloons and then I had the best water fight ever with one of my best friends!  Such a good study break.  Thanks Maddie!

I was going to talk about all my least favorite memories in this blog post as well, but I think this post is already getting pretty lengthy.  So I'm going to end it here and save my sadder memories for a different time.

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