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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Love Inside

I throw to the wind what we cannot see:
The thoughts and feelings of you and me.
Physical tokens I may throw away
But the feelings I must keep at bay.
For now I will strive to hide
The love I must keep inside.

The memory of our first kiss,
Your hand in mine; absolute bliss!
Your arms, so strong and sure,
Keeping me warm, safe and secure.
Hoping someday to be your bride,
Expressing the love I have inside.

Knowing I can't see your face,
And remembering our last embrace,
Trying to suppress thoughts of you
As day by day I carry through.
Attempting to set aside
The love I still have inside.

Hoping that we weren't a waste
And that my love was not misplaced.
Getting through each day by faking
That my heart isn't really breaking.
Knowing we've been put aside
Along with the love I keep inside.

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