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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tips For Me, From Me

  1. Be willing to change
  2. Accept responsibility
  3. Do more Yoga!
  4. Stock up on chap stick
  5. Shop at thrift stores more
  6. Hang out with the girls more
  7. Dollar stores are a wonderful place (but not for toilet paper!)
  8. Eat more breakfast 
  9. Call mom when you need help
  10. Never buy name brands, go to Ross and Marshalls instead!
  11. Always try clothes on before you buy them
  12. Drink more water! In fact buy a water bottle to keep on you at all times.
  13. Get a microwavable heat pad!
  14. Exercise when stressed
  15. Find a scent you love and stick with that scent
  16. Take more bubble baths!
  17. Read more books! In fact make a list of books to read!
  18. Get your beauty sleep
  19. Remember that pancakes always taste better with chocolate chips in them
  20. Buy some free weights and use them
  21. Buy more whole grain bread; if you can't remember you actually LOVE that stuff, especially as toast!
  22. Start putting your keys in the same place so you stop loosing them
  23. Just be healthy
  24. Establish a laundry routine
  25. You're in the habit of waking up early, don't lose that!
  26. Act like you know what you're doing, even if you're not sure (but PLEASE do ask for help if you need it)
  27. Buy big carrots instead of baby carrots, they taste better
  28. Eat slower
  29. Read more classics, unless they're boring, because reading a boring book is NEVER worth it!
  30. Create a morning routine
  31. Be present (even when doing mundane things like showering and eating)
  32. Believe in your dreams
  33. Go through your closet and donate anything you don't wear 
  34. Travel whenever possible
  35. Do more volunteer work
  36. Revamp your bucket list and start working on completing it
  37. Blog and Journal more
  38. "Unplug" more often
  39. Be honest with yourself
  40. Cut down on the soda
  41. Stop being afraid to take the risk
  42. Live in the moment (Forever is composed of nows!)
  43. Take advantage of when the sun is out
  44. Become a social BAMF!
  45. Whenever you feel down dress up
  46. Good posture is a must
  47. Walk like the confident person you are

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