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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Sad Sedentary Life

Once upon a time I used to be fun.  I was someone who was constantly looking for fun activities to do with my friends!  Now all I do is watch Netflix and take naps, which can't even constitute as an activity.  Those are passivities at best.  Basically I have become a slug, a very boring slug.  For all those of you who know me now it may be hard for you to believe that I was once a very fun person, so I shall give you proof:

I play laser tag!  Look!!!!!! ^^^^^^^ see me!!!! Not only do I play laser tag, but I win.  At least every time I play with Kenna and Adam I win.... which might not be saying much.

I also used to be so fun that I got a picture holding a snake with a Johnny Depp look-a-like!

Is it weird that I was more excited to hold the snake in this picture than stand next to the Johnny Depp fake?  I love snakes.  Which I deem as fun (even though most people I know are scared of snakes and do not think they are fun.)

More proof that Amanda is fun:

I still play with Hot Wheels!  Yes, this could also be seen as childish instead of fun, but compared to the aforementioned sluggish Amanda, this childish Amanda is fun!

I sometimes make armor out of cardboard, and then wear it in public.  Also childish.  BUT FUN!

When I get bored I occasionally make finger painting masterpieces!

I make stupid faces in pictures when all my friends are smiling and look gorgeous.

I have handstand competitions!  I never win, but I at least participate.

I used to be so cool that I could explain my love life by drawing with chocolate sauce on a napkin... needless to say there was an octagon of love at that time in my life.

I sometimes pretend to be such an angst encumbered teen that my mom puts me in... whatever this thing is.  Honestly I don't remember what it was.  But I think I remember something about an insane asylum, and this was a patients bed.  Or I might be making that all up.  But, hey!  Having an imagination is fun!

I drank out of a re-purposed toilet fountain!  That's fun, right?

I was once so fun that I took a bunch of twelve year old's cliff jumping!

I shot guns!

Got stuck in dryers!

Played "Are you there?" (for those of you who don't know:  "Are you there?" is a game where you roll up two newspapers with duct tape, give those weapons to two people, blindfold those people, and watch them wallop on each other.  I got many a good bruises and goose eggs from that game!  Whether it was from actually getting hit, or diving head on into a fireplace corner.)

I was once so fun that I found the secret entrance to Narnia through a bush in St. George!

And to top it all off, I eat with my face.  Wait, technically everyone eats with their face because your mouth is part of your face.  What I mean is I eat without my arms.

The point of this blog is to point out that I have become a sad sedentary college student, and that must change.  So please, dear friends, next time you're planning on doing something fun INVITE ME!

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