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Friday, October 25, 2013

Communication is Key

I recently came across a website called Formal Notices from the Bureau of Communication.  It is this really great site that was created to help people better communicate by introducing a fill in the blank letter for all kinds of things.  There is a formal apology, a statement of gratitude, a declaration of romantic intent, a marriage proposal, and even a universal non-disclosure agreement.

Obviously I found this absolutely brilliant and hysterical.  So I made this Declaration of Romantic Intent and I sent it to Josh.

As you will notice in the Please Reply portion I have checked Immediately, In Writing, and With Enthusiasm.  And this is how he chose to reply:

I got home from MacBeth rehearsal last night completely exhausted.  I have to wake up early for work every morning and stay up late for rehearsals so I'm usually super tired when I get home and I crawl right into bed.  When I laid down I felt a paper beneath my pillow, which was weird because my bed is my happy place and I refuse to bring homework into my happy place, so the likelihood of it being something of mine was very slim.  When I pulled it out it was a square piece of paper that said "#17  Because I'd still love you if you turned into a 'mole girl'."

My curiosity was peeked and I immediately started ripping apart my bedroom to find more of these wonderful little papers.  I have so far found numbers 15, 7, 9, 13, 4, and 5.  When I asked Josh about these delightful papers that were making my stomach do a number of gymnastic flips he sent me a text that said "Reasons why I lo... you're awesome.  #1 you will be taking the time to find all 35 reasons."

Clearly I have the coolest boyfriend in the world.  Well, he'd be even cooler if he would just tell me where he's hid the rest of these smile inducing papers, but he refuses.  Therefore I have drafted this official complaint:

The end.

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