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Sunday, August 19, 2012

To My Mother:

I know that you all ready know how much I love you, but there are times when I am so overwhelmed by how important you are to me that I have to type it out in a blog post to publish on the Internet for eternity . . . so here goes:

Dear Mom,
Thank you so much for everything you have done for me throughout these past 20 years.  You have taught me so much and helped me through so much.  Thank you for being such an amazing example and teaching me how to be a good person.  Watching you raise each one of us (especially Sarah) has taught me what it truly means to be an amazing mom.  I hope that someday I will be able to raise my children the way you raised Taylor, Sarah, Anna and I.  The patience you have had with all of us is incredible.  It has been through your example that I have learned how to be patient with people.  Even though sometimes it's okay to say 'You suck!' and then hang up on a complete stranger, but those were special circumstances.

And in regard to those special circumstances: Thank you for standing up for me when I was too scared/intimidated to stand up for myself.  Even if you were also scared and intimidated (if you could have seen the guy you were talking to you would understand even more.  He is massive!)  I know you hate confrontation just as much as I do so thank you for struggling through it with me.

Also thank you for being the kind of mother I can talk to and confide in.  I know that if I have problems I can talk to you about them; whether they are school troubles, friend falling outs, spiritual walls, or boy drama.  You are always willing to help and always have great advice.  It breaks my heart when I hear other girls complain about how annoying their mom's are or how embarrassing it is to be with them.  I feel so bad that they don't have a wonderful mom like I do!  Thank you for being the cool mom who's fun to hang out with!

I also hope you know how much it means to me that I was raised in an active LDS home.  You and dad have been such magnificent examples for all of us kids.  I am so grateful that you were sealed in the temple and that I was born under that promise and that I will have the opportunity to spend eternity with this amazing family.

I love you so much!  And the worst part about going back to SUU is that I can't come home every weekend to see you.  Well . . . I suppose I could but that would be a lot of gas money.  Anyway I just want you to know how much you mean to me and how happy I am that you are my mother.  I miss you whenever I'm away and hopefully I get into a lot of shows this year so you have an excuse to come to Cedar more often!  And even then I'll be coming home as much as I can to see you.  I love you to the moon and back again and a million red M&M's!
Love from your daughter, Amanda.

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