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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dream Roles

Lately I've been thinking a lot about different characters I want to play in my lifetime, so I decided to make a list because I'm really good at making lists.  I even made a list of all the things I'm good at and making lists was on my list!

Anyway, dream roles were what I was talking about, so here they are:

Lucy, from Jekyll and Hyde

Little Red, Into the Woods
And the Witch from Into the Woods as well

Roxie, Chicago

Jerusha Abbot, Daddy Long Legs

Brook, Legally Blonde the Musical
Or Kate (the nerd), or Margot (the really dumb one ), and I guess Elle would be pretty awesome too! (but if I could only ever be in this Musical once and I had to choose a part it'd be Margot)

Eponine, Les Miserables

Heidi, Title of Show

Millie, Thoroughly Modern Millie

And there are many more but as of right now I am being kicked out of the Institute building which is the only place I currently have Internet access because my apartment is attempting to install new Internet routers, so this is where I will end for tonight.

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  1. So I have a dream role that I have for you, and that is Molly in Peter and The Star-catcher! AMAZING! and you would be perfect for Molly, and I want to be Peter!