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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hobo Chic

I will be the first to admit that I dress frumpy.  I know that!  But it's just so comfy to wear sweats or yoga pants instead of nice clothes.  Also, I have these boots that I have a slight obsession with.  They are some snow boots that I found at the D.I. and I just love them!  They are probably the best things that have ever graced my feet, so naturally I wear them all the time.  Even in the summer.  Luckily right now I have dance rehearsals for All Shook Up as an excuse to dress like this (even though I would still probably dress exactly the same even if I didn't have that excuse.)

So anyway, I am a cat lover and I love to run! . . . sorry that just had to follow my 'so anyway'. Sorry.  Back to what I was actually saying.
So anyway, lots of my new friends in the cast have expressed how much they love that I can pull off the frumpy look.  I've gotten the phrases; "I love your style," "You can pull off anything," "I hate how you can wear whatever you want and still look amazing," and "It's like Hobo Chic!"  Although last night my friend Austin said the best thing ever!  After our dance rehearsal we decided that a group of us were going to Andy's to watch So You Think You Can Dance but before that I suggested we go to In N' Out.  I was standing in line to get my vanilla shake when Austin turned to me and said "You look so hot right now!"  

So how did I respond?  I immediately began laughing.  I couldn't help it!  I instinctively start laughing every time someone pays me a compliment like that.  Obviously because of my laughter Austin felt the need to explain himself after that random escape of words.  So he went on to explain that he didn't think anyone else could get away just standing there, wearing what I was wearing, and still look so awesome.  Now I should probably explain what I was wearing.  I was wearing my black and white striped button up shirt with my black sweats and my snow boots.  I also had one pant leg rolled up (the other had fallen down while walking to In N' Out and I was just too lazy to fix it), my hair was an afro because I was too lazy to tame it that morning, and I was all sweaty and gross from our dance rehearsal.  So yeah, I definitely looked hot, a hot mess!  Anyway, now that I am not overcome with flattery and giggles I would like to formally say thank you Austin for the very kind compliment you gave me!

Basically all these compliments I've been getting on my frumpy clothes isn't doing anything to help motivate me to actually dress cute.  But as most of you will know I'm not a big girly-girl so I hardly dress up anyway.  I've just decided that from now on I will wear my Hobo Chic clothes most of the time to lower people's standards, and that way whenever I do dress up it'll be a big deal and everyone will think I look better than I really do!

To add to my Hobo effect I have recently learned how to play the spoons.  Yes, the spoons.  Here is a good example of spoons playing for those of you who have never heard of this awesome instrument: (p.s. you have to go about a minute in before she actually starts playing so you are completely welcome to skip her speech while she is feeding baby kangaroo's if you desire)

Spoons!  Who would've guessed?

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