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Monday, June 25, 2012

Fried Green Tomatoes

Once upon a time in a land of magical fairy dust and adventure there was a place called Gardener Village.  In this magical land named Gardener Village there was a wonderful group of people, one of whom was named Amanda.  Now Amanda was a very happy person, but she was also a very unsatisfied person.  There was something that her heart desired very much!  And that something was called fried green tomatoes.  Luckily she had a fantastic friend in this group of people named Madison who told her where she could find the desires of her heart.  And so Amanda finally partook of the delicious wonder that is called fried green tomatoes.  They were everything she could ever dream of and more!  The taste was so overpoweringly delicious that she almost burst into tears at the first bite.  So now she is currently writing this blog post to formally thank Madison for introducing her to the magical land of Gardener Village.  She would also like to thank Niki, Kyra, and Andy for joining their adventure and sharing that special day with her. 

Now if you will click on the BUCKET LiST page of my blog you will see that I have finally been able to cross something off.  It is my very first cross off on my bucket list so obviously this is a momentous occasion for me.  THANK YOU SO MUCH MADISON!

This is the first bite!  (P.S. I really did almost cry, that wasn't a joke)

The adventure group at Gardener Village.  Pretty sure we almost broke this swing...

When I said land of magical fairy dust I wasn't kidding!  We went into a store and the lady in there gave us fairy dust stars on our cheeks.  It's hard to tell in this picture but I promise they are there!  (also Andy got a wizard star on his forehead, but he was the one taking the picture)

I also found my dream bike.  So overall I'd say it was a very successful day trip!

Madison thank you again for being probably the best person in the existence of the universe!  Also, this trip must happen again soon so I can partake of the delectable fried green tomatoes again.

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