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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dear Ordain Women,

Facebook has been blowing up with news about this whole Ordain Women movement for the past couple of days so I finally decided to look into what this is.  I was pleased to find a very amusing website, ordainwomen.org.  Now this is the point in my post that I must warn any supporters of Ordain Women, or any feminists, to leave immediately!  If you don't stop reading now I cannot be held responsible for your offended feelings.  You have been warned!

Anyway, I find this Ordain Women movement incredibly funny!  I literally laughed out loud when I was reading their mission statement.  Now I don't claim to be an expert in the Mormon church, but I will say I know enough to have an opinion on this matter, and my opinion is that y'all are being stupid!  (Yes, I just used the word y'all, get over it!)

WOMEN BIRTH CHILDREN!!  Yes, I understand that you Ordain Women argue that fatherhood is just as equal to motherhood.  You say that "Priesthood power is separate and distinct from parenthood and gender."  But that is complete and utter horse crap!  Yes, fatherhood and motherhood are equal, but the actual ability to shove a child out of your nether regions is not!

My dears you are fighting a losing battle.  Asking to be ordained into the priesthood is just like asking God if your husband could be the one to birth your next child.  Men and Women have different but distinct roles in the LDS Church, and it just so happens that our specific role as women is to have babies.  As more children are born into this gospel the more we grow as a church; so clearly our role of making babies is INCREDIBLY important!  And come on ladies, can't we give our men something special?  Let them have the priesthood and leave us to the baby birthing (seriously, just imagine how unimportant the men in our lives feel when we take 9 precious months of our lives to create and nurture something so sacred to our heavenly father!  I mean sure the men help out by giving you foot rubs, or going to the grocery store to buy oranges to squeeze you fresh orange juice at three in the morning, but it's our bodies that take the physical toll.  Let the men have some sort of importance in the church, because without us women there is no church!)

Now I know that the Ordain Women will most likely have a counter argument to my opinion, but honestly I could care less what that argument will be.  My opinion is my opinion and no matter what they may say that opinion is not going to change, and I'm sure that they are thinking the exact same thing towards my argument.  Nothing I say will change their desire to be priesthood holders, and that isn't what this post is about, I am simply writing down my opinion on the matter.  Plus, it was a hoot writing some of these sentences!

Now y'all have a good day, make good choices, remember who you are, and all that great stuff!

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