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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dear Young Man,

I have never talked to you, met you, or even seen you, I only know your name and what an amazing person you must be.  I want to take this time to thank you for reaching out to someone who is usually ignored by most of the teenagers her age.

My little sister is one of the most inspirational and amazing people I know.  She has been through her fair share of serious trials and probably about 15 more added onto that.  And even after all that she has been through, all that she deals with daily, and everything else in her life that I can guarantee she goes through when the rest of us don't see, she is the most loving and happy person I know.  She is constantly trying to make people smile, laugh, and just feel good about life.  She is the most loving person I know, but people don't seem to see that.

The only thing they see is a short, red-headed, socially awkward 16 year old who looks more like a 13 year old.  She may have some mental and physical differences, but no she is not in fact mentally disabled.  She may be slower than most when it comes to learning, she may not be as coordinated as most girls her age, and no she still doesn't eat solid foods and instead gets all her nutrition from a nutritionally enhanced drink, but she is an amazing person!  And when you take the time to get to know her you'll realize that and fall in love with her adorable personality.

You took the time to get to know her and saw how wonderful she was, and because of that you wanted to make her happy the same way she tries to make others happy.  I am so glad that you asked my sister to Homecoming!  No she probably didn't enjoy the day activity as much as everyone else (she can't actually golf, and she doesn't eat ice cream), and yes she will most likely cringe at how loud the music is (her ears are very sensitive and she hates loud noises), and yes she will get tired during the dance (probably before the dance is even half over), and no she probably won't have much to talk about with you (unless you talk about Pokemon or Avatar: the Last Airbender), but she is so excited to go the the dance with you.  And because you asked her she gets to experience something that we were never sure she would get to experience.

Thank you for being an amazing and caring young man, and asking my little sister to a High School dance.  It was incredibly thoughtful of you and I'm sure that as the schools star basketball player you could have asked anyone you wanted, but you asked her.  Thank you for that!  I appreciate everything you've done.  I'm impressed that you met my parents to ask about her likes and dislikes, and I'm impressed that you have taken one of your own fun High School nights and made it about someone else.

You are an amazing young man, and you will grow up to be an equally amazing man!  Thank you again for not only making my sister incredibly happy, but my whole family as well.

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