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Monday, April 2, 2012

Life Without A Laptop

Just in case you were wondering, No, I have not been slacking on blogging.  I simply didn't have a computer.  My laptop crashed about a month ago and I've been having to go to the library whenever I needed to do something and using McKenna's when I needed to check quick things.  So I haven't exactly had the means to keep updating my blog.

But yesterday my Mother and sisters stopped by my college dorm on their way to St. George and dropped off a new laptop!  Huzzah!

So now I can continue on in my regular life, which involves a laptop... a lot actually.  I never realized how much I use my computer for completely mindless things.  After not having a computer for a couple weeks made me realize how much I am on my laptop; which is almost always.  Without the access to a computer though I did accomplish a lot.  I read a total of 7 books, and... nope I didn't accomplish anything else.  Just that.

Anyway this blog is really going absolutely nowhere.  So I'll just end it here.

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