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Friday, April 20, 2012

Before I get engaged . . .

Before getting engaged I'm going to have to find a guy that will do all these things with me:

For my engagement announcement I want to have a picture of me and my fiance holding a noose with the caption "We're tying the knot!"  I understand that even if the guy is all right with this his mother/father might not be... honestly my parents might not even be perfectly on board with that idea.  They'd still let me do it though, they like making me happy whether that means a noose in my engagement pictures or zombies (which I'm still thinking about doing as well.)  So if I find that perfect guy who is willing to do this with me but his mother isn't we'll just have to do it in secret and give his parents a different engagement announcement.

Another idea for engagement pictures as you can see from the last paragraph is a zombie apocalypse.  I mean come on people, what says love better than fighting zombies together?  And the caption could be something like, "I would still marry you even if you weren't the last man on earth" or "Since you're not infected with cravings for brains I guess you'll do."

I also thought about switching the gender roles in my engagement pictures.  I would wear a fake mustache and manly clothes while my fiance wore a dress.  And we would pose that way too with me dipping him, or carrying him baby style, or giving him a piggy back ride, or even one with my arm around him and him leaning into me.

I've also just loved the idea of having a bunch of awkward engagement photos.  Like the classic standing stiff side by side with horrified looks on our face.  I also like sticking our tongues out at each other like spoiled children.  Or me tied up and laying on train tracks while he prowls over me with the typical fake mustache, top hat, and trench coat.  Another idea is a Mexican stand off picture (which would probably be best to take for the wedding photos with the bridesmaids and groomsmen.)  I would also like a picture of us awkwardly touching fingers, dancing with each other by barely touching each others shoulders and sticking our butts out, and stiffly sitting next to each other with our hands on the others knees.

More pictures I need are: a Spiderman kiss picture, and yes I want my man upside down hanging from a tree by his legs!  A jumping on the bed in excitement picture with my best friend McKenna, and my Mom.

Also, I want a NEON wedding, yes NEON!!!  Crazy you say?  I think not!  My bridesmaids will all have different neon colored dresses (like in the background) and my flowers will look like this!
And with a neon wedding I can have AWESOME decorations!  Plus we could have a dance party with black lights which would make me dress look stunning!
If I don't have a neon wedding then I would probably want my colors to be green, black, and white or blue and yellow.  I guess it all probably depends on what time of year I get married.

I've never thought about my ring before, but I figured this post is a good enough time to start thinking about it.  In my ideal world where it wouldn't be weird to have a Triforce wedding ring that is what I would want, but unfortunately we do not live in that world, so the next best thing is just a plain triangular wedding ring.  Which I actually think look very pretty and classy.  (Alright, I may have lied on the actually wanting a Triforce wedding ring, as cool as that would be, even that is a little too over the top nerdy for me.  But I do really love triangular wedding rings, I think they are beautiful!)

I'm actually really flexible on everything I just said.  This whole blog post is just a lie, because when the day comes that I find "the one" none of this will matter.  I will probably have any kind of wedding, any kind of ring, take any kind of pictures and I will love everything simply because I am marrying the man of my dreams.  So disregard everything I said, I was simply bored and wanted to post something, and this just happened to be what I was thinking about.
(Also Mother, DON'T PANIC! I'm not planning on getting married anytime soon.  I'm not even dating anyone right now.)

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