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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Things that bother me...

Everybody gets annoyed by certain things.  It's human, we can't help it.  So I decided to make a list of things that bother me. 

Pet peeves: a pet peeve (or pet hate) is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to him or her, to a greater degree then others may find it.

Oddly enough one of my "pet peeves" is when people say the words "pet" and "peeves" in succession.  So as I said before this is a list of things that bother me, not a list of my pet peeves.

1. When slow people drive in the left lane
The left lane is for people who are in a hurry.  When you are driving slow in the left lane you really aggravate the all ready aggravated and rushed driver which creates a safety hazard on the road.  If you do not want me to become a hazard to your health while I am driving then either stay out of the left lane, or drive faster.

2. Prices that have .99 on the end; like $5.99; just say it's $6.00, we all have the capability to round.

3. People that have an opinion on EVERYTHING!
Sometimes you just want to have a nice discussion about something but these kind of people make that very difficult.  Then you try and change the subject to something else, but it never works because they argue about that too!

4. When you drop something in the shower and it lands on your foot.
Seriously?  Why does it always land on my foot?  Is it just me, or does this happen to everyone else too?

5. People who only post "meaningful" quotes on facebook.
For me facebook is just one big joke.  I post random crap on it all the time just to see what people will say, but I just hate when people use facebook as an inspirational motivator.  They post things like, "But I, being poor, have only my dreams.  I have spread my dreams under your feet; tread softly, because you tread on my dreams." or "When you have decided what you believe, what you feel must be done, have the courage to stand alone and be counted."  Yes, these may be very deep and thought provoking for you, but stop wasting my facebook time.  I log on to laugh at people's dumb status updates and pictures.  If thou dost not stop posting meaningful blah-blah and start posting more crap I shalt un-friend you!

6. Students who keep asking questions after a professor has all ready explained a simple task over and over.
I just don't understand how someone so obviously stupid made it this far in their education.  Go back to grade school, learn how to use some scissors, and then come back to college when you can handle it.

7. Parents who yell at the children in public.
This just makes everyone around you uncomfortable.  You should not do it.  Enough said.

8. When people constantly complain about how the look.
The worst is when that person really is unattractive.  I just never know what to say in that situation. 
Ugly girl "I look like death today!" 
Me "No you don't! . . . you look fine, I mean . . . great!"
Fat girl "I need to lose weight, you're so skinny how do you do it?" 
Me "uh . . . I exercise and eat right.  Not that you don't do that, I'm sure you're very health conscious and everything . . . wow I am going to shut up now."
So awkward.

9. People who make a habit of getting into your business.
I hate it when people are constantly trying to know the in's and out's of my life.  I'd rather you not know everything about my personal life so please stop asking.

10. People who you aren't friends with that constantly ask you for 'favors.'
When someone does a 'favor' for me I pay that favor back.  Whether it's buying that person ice cream, doing their dishes, or doing a favor for them when they ask.  But then there are the 'favor' whores.  Constantly asking for favors but giving nothing in return.

11.People who are only your friend when they are in a good mood.
Oh honey, just because you don't hate me today doesn't mean I don't hate you.

12. When people talk during a movie.
No, we are not at the movie theater but that still doesn't give you the right to yap about your life while I am trying to enjoy the movie we all said we would watch together.  This is the part of our girls night that we are not supposed to talk about boy drama. 

And I saved the best for last . . .
13. When people just expect me to do things for them.
There is no need for an explanation here because I'm almost positive that this has happened to everyone before, and everyone hates it!

The End!

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