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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lost In A Cave

The reason I have not been doing my drawing challenges and posting them was because I was involved with 24 Hour Theatre over this long weekend.  I absolutely love 24 Hour Theatre, and I really wish we did it more than just once a semester!  This time my director was Adan, and my writer was Keilani.  I got three really good people in my group!  I had Trent Dahlin, Nate Allred, and this girl named Amria who I had never met, but still rocked her part!

Our plot was that Trent, Nate, and I were three really good friends from High School and we've all been best friends through college.  We'd all just recently graduated and decided to go to Russia to celebrate our graduation, but unfortunately Trent's character brings along his dumb girlfriend.  We all end up going Spelunking (Which is just another name for caving) and get stuck in a cave because Trent brings the wrong map.  In truth we're not actually stuck though, we're just too self absorbed to notice we could just simply crawl back out the way we came in.  The plot line was awesome, and I loved the experience.  My character was really cool as well!  I was extremely buck (that's honestly the only word I can think of to define the way my character acted.)  Unfortunately, I had to swear more than I would have liked, but it wasn't horrible.  Someone actually recorded the performance and put it on youtube

It's not the greatest quality, and some of the lines are too muffled to hear, but it still shows the basic gist of the show.  I loved working with this cast!  It was a blast!

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