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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


American College Theatre Festival:
A HUGE deal for college Theatre Majors!

Basically ACTF has the potential to determine the rest of your life.  You audition for people who can help you get into Grad School, or get you into Summer Stock, or even get you a full time career in Musical Theatre! And I happen to be going to this festival!

I'm going in a directing scene with a kid named Trent Dahlin, and he is a very attractive kid, and we most definitely kiss in our scene!  Today we had a rehearsal and probably kissed about twelve times before the rehearsal was over.  I honestly didn't think much of it.  It's way fun to kiss people, but it's only a stage kiss so it doesn't mean anything.

BUT tonight I had a voice lesson and the kid who was being taught before me told me something that simply brightened up my entire week!  Our voice teacher introduced us and then he said he actually recognized me from seeing me in 24 Hour Theatre with Trent.  Then he mentioned that he and Trent were really good friends.  So being the miss friendly that I am I said, "Oh yeah!  Trent's a great guy!  I actually had rehearsal with him today for ACTF."  Which is when he said the thing that just put a huge smile on my face; "Oh!  So you're the beautiful girl he gets to kiss."

BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!! It's always a great day when someone calls you beautiful, but even better when they say it to someone else and it manages to make its way back to you, because that's when you know that it's genuine!  So basically today rocked, not because I got to kiss an extremely attractive guy (which of course was extremely awesome because seriously who wouldn't enjoy that?) but because I was called beautiful!

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