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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Truth

You know that feeling when you have a wonderful friend that you can rant to about the most random things who you know will never judge you no matter what you say?

Well I don't.

Hence this blog!

Ha! Hence. What a fun word!


I'm not entirely sure what I want to talk about, all I know is I want to blog about something because my stress level is at an all time high.

Amanda's Stress Level
On a scale from 1 to I'm Currently Craving Mashed Potatoes and Gravy I'm probably at a stress level of Let's Go Back To Thanksgiving Break because of the Mashed Potatoes, No School, and Lots and Lots of Pie!

Okay now onto a rant: Puppies are adorable and perfect and make people incredibly happy despite how stressed or mad or upset they might be.  Puppies make the world a better place and everyone should have a puppy at some point in their life.  Now cats on the other hand are evil and conniving and don't help people in any way, shape, or form.  Every cat in the entire world should be put on a spaceship and blasted off to Pluto.  We can keep the kittens around, but as soon as they become actual cats we have to ship them to Pluto.  The great thing about puppies is that they become dogs and dogs are still just as great as puppies!  They may not be as cute and small, but they are still loving and fun and awesome.  Kittens are evil, but at least their small adorableness makes up for their evilness, but when they become ugly cats there is nothing that can make up for the fact that the cats are plotting to take over the world!

Next: Lately I've been in the mood for chocolate eclair cake which is this delicious desert that I learned how to make when I took a cooking class in elementary school with my best friend Makayla Peterson.  Now that I think back on that cooking class I'm concerned for humanity.  Why were they letting small children use ovens and stoves and sharp knives with only one adult supervisor.  I could have potentially killed any one of those other kids at any point in time and probably would have even had time to plant evidence onto one of the other kids before the teacher ever even found the body.  Also, why did I take a cooking class?  I mean yes, I like food.  No, I don't mean that in a feminist "cook your own food" way.  I just really don't know why I was in that cooking class...

Next: Remember April 27th of 1994?  Yeah... me neither...

Next: Apparently the world is going to end in about a week and a half-ish. Or to be more specific; exactly 11 days if you don't count today but you do count the day the world is supposed to end.  I'm not sure how I feel about that...
I don't actually believe that the world is going to end, but I'm also not convinced that I will wake up alive that day.  I believe in the stupidity of mankind and honestly would not be surprised if someone ends up starting a nuclear war that day just because they believe everyone is going to die anyway.  Last time the world was allegedly going to end a huge group of people splurged on renting a mansion and committed a massive group suicide.  Moral of the story: some humans are just really dumb.

Next: Today is the very first day of finals week.  Monday December 10, 2012.  Guess when my only final is.  Friday December 14, 2012.  I get to stay here in Cedar City instead of going home for an entire week simply because I couldn't take my Modern final early.  Thank you the universe!  Sometimes your kindness shocks even me.

Nest:  I'm testing you.  Did you notice anything different about the beginning of this rant? No? Look again!

Next:  I want to play a game (said in the voice of Tobin Bell) with all of the Theatre Majors here at SUU.  It's called the Let's Not Spread Rumors game (and yes, that is italicized because I'm working on getting this game patented) and if you fail we will handcuff your left hand to the Adam's stage and leave you there overnight in a snowstorm with an electric blanket fifteen feet away from you and and a saw next to your left foot.  You must make a decision.  Try and survive the snowstorm and if you do suffer the humiliation of having everyone walk past you the next morning on their way to class or do something with the saw... I'm not sure what you would do yet.  The logistics of the game aren't completely worked out yet.  I'm still working on it...

Next: Pineapple's are delicious.  'Nuff said.

 I want an Abed.

Next: I have a disease.  It's called the Amanda is Awesome disease.  There is no cure.  This will only end in death.

Next: This blog post is named The Truth.  "Why?" you might ask.  And my response is, "Well that is a great question.  When you find out, please let me know."

Next: This is the end of my blog.

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