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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Extraterrestrial Culture Day

I've never been a huge fan of Valentines day, probably because I grew up in a wonderful family that always expressed their love, so a day devoted to expressing love wasn't such a big deal.  Which some people would say is sad, but in my opinion is good!  I think it's crap when people don't express their love except for on one specific day of the year.  I love my family and friends and I like to express it regularly!

So instead of celebrating Valentines day me and my friends celebrated Extraterrestrial Culture Day.  A while back me and McKenna found this website that listed a ton of random holiday's that people have made up over the years, so we made a Calendar listing all these holiday's so we could celebrate them as well.  And yesterday just so happened to be Extraterrestrial Culture Day.

(Some other awesome holiday's include: Appreciate a Dragon Day on January 16th, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day on January 30th, Cow Milking While Flying In An Airplane day on February 18th, Witch Hysteria Day on March 1st, World Plumbing Day on March 11th, Tater Tot Day on April 2nd, National Hairball Awareness Day on April 27th, National Two Different Colored Shoes Day on May 3rd, VCR Day on June 7th, Barbie-in-a-Blender Day and Take Your Houseplant for a Walk Day which both fall on July 27th, Sneak some Zucchini onto your Neighbors Porch Day on August 8th, Video Games Day on September 12th, Hug a Vegetarian Day on September 28th, International Stuttering Awareness Day on October 22nd, Haunted Refrigerator Night on October 30th, World Orphans Day on November 12th, World Day of Remembrance for Road Kill Victims on November 20th, International Ninja Day on December 5th, and Bacon Day on December 30th.)

So to celebrate this wonderful holiday we wore tinfoil hats, played Just Dance III on the wii, and watched Signs.  I even wore my tinfoil hat to my One Act rehearsal!  I'm pretty sure my partner Nate Allred thinks I'm completely crazy because of it too.  But my director Carly Skanky thought it was awesome.  We're doing a One Act called The Smoke Scenes by Nick Zagone.  It's a really funny show and I'm way excited to perform it!  We only have about a week left till we open.

Even though I didn't celebrate Valentines day I still got an awesome spread!  I ended up getting a package from a friend back home that had three boxes of chocolates in it, some shortbread cookies, and a really cute stuffed doll (his name is Michael Spawton but we just call him Spotty.)  I also got a giant sugar cookie from Ethan along with some smarties from Maddie Hayes and a Hershey's chocolate kiss from the RHA committee for On Campus Housing.  So I had a pretty good Extraterrestrial Culture Day!

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